Insidious Chapter 2 – Review

This post is very important to me for many reasons.

1. It’s the first review in my blog

2. It’s about  a horror film

3. It’s about the first movie that I watched at a cinema after my arrival in London a couple of weeks ago

For those reasons, I’ll do my best.

If you have watched “Insidious” you are propably familiar with the concept. If you haven’t, you shouldn’t worry as I’ll walk you through it.

Insidious is a movie about a young boy possessed by a demon of the afterlife. After his possession, he and his family go through many trials to fight the evil spirit and help the young boy recover from his malevolent demonization.Relying on chilling-out-of-the-blue scenes with pale ghost-faces and hovering apparitions of the paranormal realm, ‘Insidious’ could definitely keep the viewer alert.

But what Insidious Chapter 2 does, is that it wraps up the whole story all over again. It manages to rewrite the plot with new features and complete the concept in the same pattern as in the previous one…scary,pale ghost-faces and floating spectres from the afterlife. Same family, can’t seem to get some peace from the demons that are haunting them and everything is , of course, dependent on forgotten childhood memories.

For the horror film fans, this movie is quite decent. Although it includes many of the horror-style-clichés …piano playing by itself, closet boogeyman and séances to communicate with the dead, this film manages again to keep the viewers alert, with the constant feeling that some scary ghost-face (usually an old-lady-like) will pop out of nowhere, maintaining the adrenaline levels high.

For the non-horror film fans, this movie could be quite disturbing. It has the potential to be one of those “let’s-watch-it-at-daytime” type of films. But once you make the brave decision to watch a horror film, you’d better do it right. So, this movie would be a good option for you.

I’m not going to say more about the plot, as I dont want to reveal any significant information. As I promised, no spoilers in this blog. But I would be really interested in finding out what you think about this film. My opinion is, that it is a very decent horror film that has managed to avoid most of those not-to-do horror film clichés . What concerns me , though, is the fact that we should propably expect a sequel.

And that’s almost never a good idea.

2 Responses to “Insidious Chapter 2 – Review”
  1. dorainlondon says:

    Nice kick-off! 🙂 Looking forward for your next review! 🙂


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