Where is the good old-fashioned horror gone?

Lately, I have been browsing through the upcoming horror films. Summer is gone for quite some time now and it’s about time the horror film industry gets busy again. But, to my great disappointment I realized that the good, original horror films have become extinct. Horror thrillers like Psycho, Halloween, The Shining, The Others, Paranormal Activity even the based-on-gore ones like the all – time classic A Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday 13th, Hannibal Lecter and Saw are just a brilliant memory of what horror films used to/could be.

What I love about those films is that they have successfully created a really strong reputation. Even non-horror film-fans know who Freddy Krueger was, or have the image Jack Nicholson’s creepy smile crowning through a door in their mind. If they see a wooden ventriloquist doll with red eyes riding a small tricycle and saying “I want to play a game” they would probably know about John Jigsaw, the newest most decent villain of modern horror. And what about the Scream-mask? That’s always a Halloween must!

Does anyone know who Anna Rydell is? Or what kind of chaos broke out in Maryland?

Sadly the number of horror films that could potentially become big hits, is significantly decreasing. It seems that the film production companies are too lazy (or even worse too incompetent) to create original horror films. The big-success kind, the ones that you will never get out of your head. The ones that will be a must-see no matter how many years go by.

The lack of creativity is so obvious. The exhaustive sequels of previous horror films and the constant remakes of old ones seal the deal. Let’s see for instance, the ‘Saw’ phenomenon. Are you aware of the number of sequels that followed the orinigal in the past decade? Well, it’s seven! Final Destination? Five! The brilliant Spanish film Rec completely ruined it’s reputation by releasing three more sequels! And don’t even get me started on the remakes. The film A Nightmate on Elm Street of 2010? God, awful! Halloween? It counts five sequels, one remake and three sequels of the remake. Paranormal Avtivity? The fifth sequel is only a year away. And of course, Carrie. That’s one remake  widely expected.

It seems as if it is an unwritten rule to have sequels to every horror film released. The Hills Have Eyes, Insidious, The Collector, Strangers, Jeepers Creepers, they all have sequels following the original film. And why? If you ask me…because it’s easy. Pre-cooked plot, warmed-up audience and an established brand name.

The horror film that will manage to stand out from the lot, will be a success. So I guess, I am too one of those girls waiting for the one. The one horror film.

4 Responses to “Where is the good old-fashioned horror gone?”
  1. To my humble opinion, the only really scary movies where the black & white mute ones. You’d shit your pants without special effects, or cranberry juice drinking vampires, or even zombies covered in tomato blood. The real horror for me is the game of shadows that existed in those oldies and goodies! 😀


  2. maria kriva says:

    There are some good modern ones, as well, that rely on ‘silent’ horror! 😀 But yes the old ones were one of a kind. If your eye is used to modern films,though, it’s difficult to appreciate the old ones, because you always feel like something is missing. :/


  3. Bride of Chucky… I can never look at dolls the same again!


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