Elijah Wood: From Frodo to producing independent horror films


Who would have thought that Elijah Wood, the widely known Frodo Baggins, would get involved in the independent horror film production. The former hobbit, is the founder of the independent horror film production company, Spectervision, but the information available online is very limited.

His first apperance as a lead actor in a horror film in 2012, called Maniac, where he played a schizophrenic artist who murdered young girls and kept a mannequin collection frosted with their skulps, was only a tiny piece of evidence indicating that Wood is into horror films.

The company that he founded, has only four horror films in stock so far. Interestingly, Elijah Wood has a part in the latest film produced by his company, called Cooties, which is about an elementary school hit by a virus that turns the school children into brutal savages hunting down everyone in their way. What is remarkable about this film, is that one of the two writers is Leigh Whanell, the creator of Insidious and Saw. However, when I read that description, another film crossed my mind. A film that I watched many years ago, around 2006, that I couldn’t even remember the title, since it was one of those films one can easily forget about. So, I dug through my notebooks and files and I am glad to inform you that Cooties reminds me of “The Plague“. A horror film, also about young children waking up from a strange coma that led them to a brutal killing spree.

Independent production companies face a lot of difficulties due to the high number of successful competitors, like Twisted Pictures for instance, an independent film production company as well, specified in horror films (it takes credit for the ‘Saw’ phenomenon).  Wood’s task to create unique and original horror films seems to be a bumpy road. As I wrote in a previous post, this is not only due to the number of talented competitors, but also due to the fact that original horror films, the ones that make you shiver, are starting to become a distant memory.

Image taken from Spectrevision facebook page


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