Finally someone says “Hell No” to horror film clichés

Have you ever watched a horror movie, where a bunch of college students, ( let’s say a stoned guy, a bimbo, a football player stud, a girl nerd and her prospective flirt-guy) decide to go away for the weekend in a friend’s sister’s roommate’s cabin in the middle of nowhere? No?

What about a family with, let’s randomly say, 2 or 3 little children moving to a big house? And what if only one of the children is the first to realize that some serious haunting is about to break out? Still no?

Ok one last try. Have you ever watched a movie with a group of dare-devils deciding to spend a “fun” night exploring believed-to-be haunted sanitariums or asylums? Again no?

Well, have you ever watched Evil Dead? Or The Cabin in the Woods? Or Cabin Fever?  Or Insidious? Or The Messengers? Or Grave Encounters? Or The Tunnel? These are only a few of the lot, that can’t seem to find a way out of the monotony of the same pattern.

The PixelsPerSecond team created, what I would say, a brilliant/hilarious video contradicting all these terrible clichés and stupid decisions that almost all characters in horror movies make. Their video Hell No: The Sensible Horror Film, mocks everything a modern horror film industry represents.  It’s food for thought really. Not for us viewers, but for the film industry, which could possibly consider making a difference and stop underestimating our intelligence and taste. So what if for a change, the family doesn’t move to a haunted house, where a child-ghost desperately wants someone to free its spirit? And what if the group of college students doesn’t go to a secluded cabin for the weekend, but to Miami Beach instead?

Who would take up the challenge to surprise us?

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