Paranormal Activity : A film phenomenon that formed a trend


Perhaps some would argue that Paranormal Activity is a fairly decent replica of The Blair Witch Project , which was released almost ten years before that. Even though this is technically true, Paranormal Activity is the one responsible for creating a trend, for bringing camera-wielding researchers of the metaphysical realm back into fashion. With an estimated budget reaching only  $15,000, this particular film reached the amazing gross of over $120,000,000 in two-years time. And that is exactly what makes it the biggest success in the horror film industry. If a company invests millions of dollars in a film project, it is more than expected to make millions out of it. But, with such a small budget, Paranormal Activity could definitely be considered as one of the biggest successful marketing phenomena.

But the revenue itself is not strong enough to make it a trend. What makes this film stand out, is that it has created a norm  of horror movies that base their plot on the same ‘documentary’ pattern. A few researchers crab a camera, go to haunted buildings and try to film everything strange hoping for an encounter with spectres of the afterlife.  Grave Encounters, Apartment 143, The Tunnel , V/H/S, are mimic examples of the Paranormal Activity series. They follow the same fixed pattern, the one that the last has so successfully set. And that trend keeps on going. The latest ‘victim’ of the Paranormal Activity storm , is the film called “The Black Water Vampire“. Just like it happened in all the films mentioned above, a documentary crew determines to investigate a series of brutal murders, when they savagely face the truth that lies beneath.

Apparently, this trend is not done yet. That can also be confirmed by the still ongoing release of the new followup of the Paranormal Activity series. Paranormal Activity 5, is scheduled to be released next year, October 2014, adding another piece to this metaphysical, exhaustive puzzle. Just like it happened with the ‘Saw’ series, the number of sequels is dangerously increasing. Is this a trap that the Blumhouse Production company voluntarily falls into ?

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