The five scariest scenes : Ready or Not, here they come!

I have had my share of horror films and to be honest the times that I have genuinely been scared are extremely limited. It all comes down to the mood and the circumstances, of course. But, there is no better feeling than the chills caused by an originally scary horror film. Because , at the end of the day, if you are not prepared to get scared, why bother watching a horror film?

So, I took some time to think about the scenes that have played with my mind in a sick and disturbing way. Frankly, they are not that many. But, they have somehow managed to stick in my memory and here they are in a least-to-most-scary order.

5. Dark Skies

This film compromises the theory of alien encounters. A family with two little boys goes through a really hard time when the first signs of alien visits start to occur. At first, those signs have the form of late night thuds and strange furniture rearrangements, but as the film progresses they become more frequent and intense. The most remarkable scene of “Dark Skies” is the one with the first obvious alien visit in the younger son’s bedroom. The dark figure standing next to the little boys bed is quite overwhelming.

4. Paranormal Activity

It has become a classic horror film that has signaled a new era in the horror film industry. Although the previous similar film “The Blair Witch Project” still remains a remarkable choice, Paranormal Activity has brought this genre back into fashion. A couple, faces a malevolent demon and all the encounters are recorded by cameras installed in their house. The scary scenes are very few in this film, although, in the amateur’s mind, the feeling that something is about to happen is persistent. One particular scene that is tense enough to be considered as the scariest throughout the entire film, is the one where Katie, the main actress, gets dragged out of bed by an invisible force.

3. Insidious

This film is about a little boy being possessed by a malicious demon of the afterlife, using his body as a vessel to come to the real world. In order to do that, the evil spirit haunts the little boy’s dreams and stalks him until the time is right to enter the real world. The most scary scene of this film, is one that is filled with  what I call “silent horror”. It is one of those scenes, that make you shiver not because they are sudden or loud or include figures appearing out of nowhere accompanied with loud music. On the contrary, it is a very silent scene, no sound, no sudden ghost – faces cover the screen. All you have, is a dark blurry figure, standing in the  corner of a dark room next to the bed of the sleeping little boy pointing at him with pointy long fingers.

2. Rec

This particular one is one of my favorite horror films. A spanish production that completely lives up to the Hollywood standards and sets the bar even higher. A reporter along with a cameraman happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.  While filming a documentary about firemen, they get trapped inside a building where a virus has already started to infect the residents and turn them into flesh-eating zombies. This film is full of scary scenes, where zombies appear out of nowhere chasing humans like crazy. The adrenaline levels are constantly high reaching their peak at the end of the film. The reporter and the cameraman find themselves trapped in the building’s attic. What seemed to be a safe haven, turned out to be the most wrong place to be, since it hides the root of all evil.

1. The Fourth Kind

This horror film is based on the theory of alien abductions. Mila Jovovich narrates the story of  Abbey Tyler, a psychologist in Alaska, who experienced alien encounters along with other residents in the area. Like the title of the movie, the fourth and last kind of such encounters refers to the incident of being abducted by aliens  mainly during sleep and have no recollection of it. This particular film claims to be based on true events. All the records and footage  shown during the movie, are supposed to be real, provided by the real Abigail Tyler. True or not, this footage showed sessions that Tyler conducted with her patients, during which she performed some kind of hypnosis on them so that they could recall memories from the scary stranger that visited them every night. One of the scariest and most chilling scenes is the one around the end of the film, in which Tyler hypnotised herself in order to find a way to contact whatever that is out there and is responsible for taking her little daughter.

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  1. You probably know by now that there is no chance in a million years to actually play the videos :p


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