The “Wolf Creek” psycho killer comes back

Mick Taylor, the psycho serial killer who roams the deserts of Australia, comes back after a ten-year-long break in a quest for carefree backpackers. The australian film Wolf Creek, released in 2005, is a very powerful horror film claiming to be based on true events. A powerful, yet unknown horror film, since, unfortunately, it didn’t quite manage to establish a very strong brand name.

Nonetheless, its plot and the way the story unravels, keep the viewers alert and the adrenaline levels are high. Three backpackers, team up in order to hike through the Wolf Creek National Park, when they realize that their way back is going to be a bumpy ride as their car breaks down.  The man who seemed to be the kind stranger who voluntarily offers to help them fix their car, is actually the one who will make their worst nightmares come true. They wake up to find themselves tied up and that is, indeed, the start of a very brutal and disturbing torture they are about to suffer.

Before bustling with excitement, I have to note that the main part of the film, the one with the brutal torture and the agony to survive, comes a bit late. As a viewer, you have to watch an almost 40-minute ‘our-roadtrip-is-so-much-fun’ part, until the good stuff begins. So be patient and hold on. If you manage to stay awake, you will definitely enjoy the rest of the film.

Almost as if forgotten, Greg Mclean – writer and director of the film – creates the sequel of “Wolf Creek”, bringing Mick Taylor back into our lives and to work. In Wolf Creek 2, Taylor goes out on a killing spree but in a – what seems to be – different pattern. In ”Wolf Creek”, the pure, original horror comes from the fact that three ordinary backpackers meet the ultimate, sick killer. The “what if it were me” thought is what makes it really disturbing. In the sequel, the film is taken to another level. It involves more car chases, car crashes and a really wild Mick Taylor.

So, 2014 is going to be a very busy year with a lot of sequels coming up. Perhaps, Wolf Creek 2, is worth noting down to the “To See” list.


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