“I Know Who Died In Your House”

Could you imagine what would happen in horror movies, if the main characters could actually find out, before they moved into the big haunted house, that in their prospective residence someone had previously died ? What if they could find out, with a few clicks and $12 only, if their home was the place where disturbing murders occurred?


Apparently, the DiedinHouse.com website can, from now on, provide this kind of information. And it’s not a joke , or a film trick. All you have to do is register, type the address of your interest and with only $12 per search you can find out if someone has died in the particular house, who that was and how it happened. Why would you need this information? To avoid any creepy haunting, obviously?!

So, let’s think for a minute how horror films would be affected. Just imagine if the Campbell family from The Haunting in Connecticut, knew beforehand that the house they were about to buy used to be a former mortuary and that lots of spirits would apparently be hanging around. Would they still move into it?

And what if Dahlia from Dark Water knew that the building she moved into with her little daughter was in fact the building where an evil mother murdered her own daughter. Would she still take the risk to bring her daughter close to a ghost-girl?

What about the movie The Messengers? Would the Rollins family move from Chicago to a farmhouse in North Dakota, if they knew that in that farmhouse lurked the malicious spirit of a father who murdered his entire family?

It would be the most hilarious thing, to watch them search through DiedinHouse.com and type the address only to find out about those brutal murders and then just find another place. The ending of all those movies, and similar ones, would be the most boring thing to watch. But still, it’s funny to think about it.


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