Can “Jeepers Creepers: The Cathedral” bring back the chills?

Apparently Jeepers Creepers is also one of those films that, for some reason, have to be brought back to life after year-long pauses. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it is definitely risky. Especially in the case of Jeepers Creepers, the first part that was released in 2001 was everything a viewer should expect.

Jeepers Creepers, is a movie about a flesh-eating creature, I would probably describe it as a human – vampire – burned – bat, that comes to life every 23 years, only for 23 days and seeks human flesh to feed. Tough luck, I guess, for Trish and Darry Jenner, two siblings going back home during spring break. As it usually happens, during their road trip back home, their curiosity will lead them to their death – just like it did with the cat. Because, really, who wouldn’t want to explore the basement of an old, creepy church ? Soon, they become part of the gruesome secret that lies inside that basement, as they find dead bodies sewed together forming some kind of wallpaper that decorates the basement’s walls.

After that, they are literally hunt down by the creepy creature, aka The Creeper, that has recently come back to life just for a few days. How can they know that they are targeted? Their car radio randomly played the song “Jeepers Creepers“, which is the sign that they are in big trouble. Jeepers Creepers 2, picks up the story from where the first part left it. In the sequel , the viewers are taken to the 23rd and last day of the hunting, when the Creeper targets a high school basketball team. But this time, a farmer and his son come to the rescue as they are on a mission to destroy the flesh-eating creature, for good. Did they make it?

Obviously not, since ten years later, we are happy to have Jeepers Creepers 3 back into our lives. Jeepers Creepers:The Cathedral , is about Trish Jenner – one of the siblings from the first part – and her 23rd year old son. Get it? Her son is 23 years old! So guess what…the Creeper is on the loose once again. Tough luck for Trish again, as her son is now the target.

To some, the plot of this film might sound a bit silly. Well, it’s not an Oscar-movie. But, in my opinion, it is really worth watching. Even though it sounds fake – flesh-eating bat eats humans – it actually manages to keep the viewer’s interest at all times. It is creepy – especially the song – and it does serve its purpose.

The only thing negative, though, is the change in the pattern. In the first part, the scenes where the Creeper can actually be seen are very few. Basically, all you can see is its figure and maybe its creepy eyes, but nothing more. In the second part, those scenes are more. You can see its face and body clearly, but only for a few times. In the third part, the Creeper is all over the place. Face, eyes, body, teeth, close-ups, it is everywhere. Conclusion. The vague image of the creepy, dark creature is gone. All you are left with is its detailed – a bit lame – figure.

But in any case, it should be on the “To See” list, when it gets released, hopefully some time in 2014.


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