“Evil Dead” : What if remakes set the bar higher than the originals?

The Evil Dead” vs “Evil Dead“. The differences we are talking about are huge. The original was released in 1981 and the remake more than 30 years later. So, it is no wonder that the remake has nothing to do with the original. Just by using the word “original“, someone might immediately connect that with quality – the original is unique, the remake is just a cheap replica. But is that always the case? What if the remake is actually better than the original ?

I happened to have those thoughts yesterday when I finally decided to watch “The Evil Dead“, the original. The plot is about five young people going away for the weekend to a secluded cabin in the middle of the woods. The nightmare starts, when Cheryl, gets possessed by a demon and starts attacking everybody from the group. Gradually, everyone but Ashley, the main actor, becomes infected by this demonic force. The entire film is a survival race. Who will survive and will Ash, eventually, destroy the demon that tortures his friends?

adfasdfasdf-651x420As expected, the plot is the same in the remake. Five people – again – go away for the weekend to a secluded cabin – again – and die one by one by the evil demon and it all comes down to who will survive this. The main difference lies in the presentation. The remake, surpasses the original in the visual effects, make up, picture and sound. Meaning: You would enjoy it more. I am not talking about the originality of the plot, but if you see the creepy possessed woman melting like plasticine and dozens of gallons of red, thick paint pouring out of one single cut, you just can’t bother any more. Once you get used to the modern technology used in contemporary horror films, that has brought the image closer to reality, you just can’t go back to the 1981-image. It feels fake. It feels like a joke.

Apparently, the year-long gap between those two movies is more than enough to justify the superiority of  “Evil Dead” the remake as far as the image quality and visual effects are concerned. “The Evil dead” was a big success back in its time and that’s probably fair. But if you find yourself craving for a nice horror film, the original ones would be a risky choice. Unless, of course, you are a classics-lover.

Image taken from moviecitynews.com

2 Responses to ““Evil Dead” : What if remakes set the bar higher than the originals?”
  1. addimando says:

    i totally agree, sometimes newer versions are better than the originals. for example the 2003 texas chainsaw massacre is better than the original imo


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