Trick ‘r Treat : The Halloween-must gets a sequel

The 2007 Halloween film Trick ‘r Treat, even though it’s not a masterpiece, it is definitely a good choice to set the mood for Halloween. Combining different horror stories into one film, it is a representative example of what real, scary Halloween could be like.

As the story unravels, the viewer gets to see the stories of  different people who live in the same neighborhood, but lead completely different lives. A psychopath – school director by day and serial killer by night, insists on keeping the Halloween traditions. Why? Because he knows very well what awaits the one who will not obey.

All Halloween evil is ready to be unleashed upon those who don’t follow certain rules. A couple who dares to blow out the jack-o-lantern light before midnight takes the first hit . At the same time, a young teenage girl, probably best described as werewolf-Red Riding Hood, thinks she has found the perfect man. But since we’re talking about horror film, the ideal man is something more than a typical guy. Hint: We are talking about a werewolf girl!?

Finally, a group of school children, roams the streets doing mean pranks, which will eventually lead them to face the truth behind the creepy Halloween legend that haunts the small suburban area. They dare to visit the site, where formerly a few young children were killed when their school bus crashed. As a result, their curiosity will be fatal, since they will encounter the little child-ghosts, who are always creepy. After that, the entire neighborhood will be Trick ‘r Treat-ed by a small pumpkin-ghost-child.

For the fans of the Halloween terror, the writer and director of the film, Michael Dougherty, announced that the sequel, “Trick ‘r Treat 2” will be released soon. So, get down to business, watch the first one and just sit back and wait for the second part. And if you are a classics lover, then you should watch the original “Trick ‘r Treat”, released in 1986. It has absolutely nothing to do with the remake, however, it is worth a shot.


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