“I want to play a game” – Find the differences

I have explicitly vented before about the disturbingly increasing number of remakes and sequels and about how film production companies are having a very hard time to come up with original and new ideas. A couple of days ago, I was browsing the Internet to get the latest updates on horror films and I was … Continue reading

Forget about Hollywood mainstream horror: Five horror films that you must not miss

Mainstream Hollywood-style horror movies usually seem to be the least risky choice, as the viewers have some unexplained faith to the Hollywood corporate machine. Sometimes, they – and I should probably include myself to this – get carried away by the glamorous cast or well-known directors or even the massive marketing campaigns that always promote the … Continue reading

Female characters vs twisted killers – An uneven(?) battle

“Do your thing cuz”, awesome – survivor –  Heather tells Leatherface in Texas Chainsaw 3D, as the viewers witness the final battle of sweet troubled Leatherface against the mean locals. The newest version of the 1974 classic horror film is another triumph of the female domination in an agonising survival race. Even though it has … Continue reading

“I Spit on Your Grave” and its sequel: How much more gory can it get?

The 2010 remake of the Day of the Woman (1978) was obviously the beginning of a vicious – and identical –  circle that the director Steven R. Monroe would put us through.  Three years after his first attempt to bring the gore story of rape, torture and revenge back into fashion, Steven R. Monroe returns with a new version … Continue reading

Killer Clowns: A tribute to children’s worst nightmare

Killer clowns always provoke anxiety and only with their presence they can create the most successful chilling atmosphere in a horror film. Regardless of the plot or even the acting, killer clowns are used as one of the most effective tools to captivate the viewers’ attention. Even though they are not that common to find … Continue reading

Cassadaga – Review

Cassadaga is horror film with an intriguing title, a promising plot, but a disappointment after all. In Cassadaga, Lily (Kelen Coleman) a young deaf art teacher moves to a small place called Cassadaga after receiving an honorary award from the Cassadaga University. Having recently experienced the sudden death of her younger sister, this opportunity seems to be … Continue reading

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