Five ghosts to keep you up at night

Can the image of a creepy ghost haunt your dreams? Of course it can. And film production companies should aim at that. There is no sign of success greater than the shiver caused from a frightening ghost figure and the double-checking behind doors and inside wardrobes. 

Even if the plot of a horror film is not that original and literally steps on pre-cooked stories, the use of a creepy ghosts can actually save the day. So here are five of the most widely known horrifying ghost-murderers that have successfully been stuck in my mind, in a very, very disturbing way.

samara the ringSamara – Ring 2002

Absolutely standing her ground, Sadako aka Samara, from The Ring, stands out as one of the scariest and deadliest ghosts in horror movies. The seemingly poor little girl desperate for motherly affection, turns out to be the most vicious ghost seeking revenge and spreading horror through a video. The “Seven Days” motto is strongly related to the evil Samara. Regardless the numerous parodies released mocking the long-hair brunette figure, Samara is rightfully consider one of the scariest ghosts there will ever be.

mary_shaw_poem_by_xxkillingyouxx-d5ag8kuMary Shaw – Dead Silence 2009

I don’t know what’s scariest in Dead Silence. Is it the possessed ventriloquist doll, Billy, that turns its head staring at its next victim until the victim is found brutally murdered with their faced disfigured to resemble the face of a ventriloquist doll ? Or is it the mother of Billy, Mary Shaw, the devilish doll-maker who will just stand in front of her victim’s face until they scream ? The choice is up to you. Until you make that choice, I will hum the film’s catchy song “Beware the stare of Mary Shaw, she had no children only dolls. If you see her in your dream , make sure you never scream”.

5A25805700The Grudge 2004

This movie is a classic example of how scary ghosts can be. Not only by their looks, but by the sounds they make when they are about to appear. Taking place in Tokyo, where the source of all metaphysical horror blossoms, a deadly grudge forces its victims into a vicious, fatal circle. No further details are needed, since The Grudge is one of the most well-known, and mainstream, horror films in the entire genre.

graveGrave Encounters 2011

A little bit of The Blair Witch Project and a little bit of abandoned hospital haunting movies, Grave Encounters is about a filming crew that gets trapped inside a sanitarium with the hope of capturing paranormal activities in the building. Their hopes soon enough become nightmares, as they begin disappearing one after the other. They don’t just vanish, but they get terrified in the most gripping way by creepy ghosts of former patients, who are nothing but evil. It is an actual scary film that can definitely keep you on the edge of your seat.

f3ukhcMechanical Girl – Fragile 2005

Amy Nicholls (Calista Flockhart) starts a new job by working as a night nurse in a children’s hospital, that is about to be shut down. The last remaining orphan children, are terrorized by a – what they call – mechanical girl that roams the hospital’s hallways and will do anything to keep those children with her, in the hospital, forever. Spooky plot for a spooky film. It is actually a very remarkable horror film that deserves 93 minutes of our time.

4 Responses to “Five ghosts to keep you up at night”
  1. I concur: definitely a fantastic five! I would also add ‘The Woman in Black’ (1989 BBC version), the bedsheet ghost from the BBC adaptation of MR James’ ‘Whistle and I’ll come to you’ (similarly the murdered orphans in MR James’ Lost Hearts , as depicted in the BBC ghost story for Christmas version), the ghost pirates from The Fog (1980), the ghost of Santi from the Devil’s Backbone, and any appearance from Jacob Marley! Regards, FREAKY FOLK TALES


    • maria kriva says:

      Wow very interesting suggestions!! 🙂
      The ghost of Santi from the Devil’s Backbone is really scary indeed! I should have included it!
      Thank you for your comment!
      Regards, Maria 🙂


  2. Marinos Politis says:

    It takes a japanese to make a scary ghost…. even at their worst horror films their ghosts always scare the… hell out of me! Americans mostly believe in demons, while japanese actually bellieve in ghosts and curses- it’s part of their culture.


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