Attention: Chucky needs a family

$(KGrHqR,!r!FJTQ(7TYKBScy7VvjoQ~~60_3There are only a few hours left for the craziest, most atrocious online buy one could possibly think of.

Following the previous post about the Annabelle doll, costing $600 on Ebay, which by the way is still available and its price dropped at $549 – talk about amazing offer –  there is another intriguing buy. But you have to be quick.

The Child’s Play life-size Chucky Doll is available online. The Limited note is supposed to make it really special, I guess. And what about the dispatch location? That’s Japan. Japan and horror movies are tightly connected, so this is supposed to make the buy even more tempting. Again…I guess.

The knife-wielding Chucky Doll with its creepy smile is waiting for its next owner. If you are willing to pay  $3,250.00 in order to buy it, then congratulations. Chucky is all yours.

Think about all the things you could do with that amount of money. Travel, give it to the poor, help your community, you name it.

The world is going crazy.


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