Killer Clowns: A tribute to children’s worst nightmare

Killer clowns always provoke anxiety and only with their presence they can create the most successful chilling atmosphere in a horror film. Regardless of the plot or even the acting, killer clowns are used as one of the most effective tools to captivate the viewers’ attention. Even though they are not that common to find in horror films, they are widely popular. So, here are five of the most memorable killer clowns.

1. It – 1990

it-clownTHISPennywise is probably one of the most well-known killer clowns the film industry ever created. However, the credit should be attributed to his original creator, Stephen King, who introduced Pennywise to the horror fans with his novel ‘It’ in 1986. This sinister child-killing clown, used his victims’ fears and phobias to spread terror. Apparently, he didn’t spread terror only to his victims, but also to us viewers.

2.  House of 1000 Corpses – 2003

spauldingCaptain Spaulding is the sole worthy figure in Rob Zombie’s House of 1000 Corpses. Two young couples face the ultimate terror when they decide to explore the gore side of Texas. They end up in Captain Spaulding and his gang’s hands, which turns out to be the most frightening and fatal thing to do. Even though, the gore element in this film is constantly present it is not enough to discard the feeling of watching an insanely cult horror film. And I am not saying that as a compliment.

3. Gacy -2003

cTSsK4wc8ctNOQFFhUocofYqZmBased on the true story of one of America’s most notorious serial killers, John Gacy, this horror film unravels the story of this twisted clown’s murders. John Gacy, a seemingly caring father and lovely person, was in fact responsible for the brutal murders of more than 30 men and boys. What makes him stand out is his clown outfit, the one he put on when he went out on a killing spree.

4. Amusement – 2008

amusementAmusement is – subjectively – an underestimated horror film that wasn’t given the credit it should have been. Genuine gore along with thrilling escape scenes form a very interesting choice for the spatter movie fans. It is mostly a combination of Saw and Hostel – both equally mainstream – and the presence of the killer clown is captivating. Only the scene where the clown is sitting on a rocking chair in a dark play room is a good enough reason to watch Amusement.

5. Dead Silence – 2007

deadsilence-clown1There is a hidden gem in this remarkable horror film along with the other spooky characters that guarantee a gripping experience. The Clown in Dead Silence is one of the deadly ventriloquist dolls that evil Mary Shaw created to spread gore and death to those who own them. Even though the clown doesn’t have a big part in the film, his limited yet creepy appearance is enough to scar your memory and bring joy to those of you who crave for pure horror moments.

3 Responses to “Killer Clowns: A tribute to children’s worst nightmare”
  1. Marinos Politis says:

    It always amazed me (and angered me a bit I must confess) how they won’t capitalize on the horror icon that is the scary clown (the icon that I want to believe that Pennywise first created) and make very few and mostly awful clown-villained films.


    • maria kriva says:

      It is quite strange I guess that there are not that many movies with killer clowns, and they just keep making Halloween 28 and Friday 13th 45!The Amusement clown was actually really good!


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