“I Spit on Your Grave” and its sequel: How much more gory can it get?

The 2010 remake of the Day of the Woman (1978) was obviously the beginning of a vicious – and identical –  circle that the director Steven R. Monroe would put us through.  Three years after his first attempt to bring the gore story of rape, torture and revenge back into fashion, Steven R. Monroe returns with a new version of cruelty and brutal torment.

I Spit on Your Grave is a movie about Jennifer Hills (Sarah Butler), a young – and beautiful – writer who decides to spend some time in a secluded cabin to seek inspiration for her next book. Her stay, and eventually, her life becomes a nightmare when she becomes the target of a group of perverted, twisted locals.

After vicious torture and savage raping, Jennifer throws herself in a raging river to escape from her broken life. Her attackers leave her for dead and continue with their lives. But since karma usually turns around and bites you, her revenge is as gruesome and savage as it gets.

She comes back to destroy them and cause the same amount of pain that she suffered – judging by her actions she clearly aimed for more pain – if possible.

I Spit on Your Grave 2, follows the same pattern, as expected. Only with a few twists in the plot Katie (Jemma Dallender), a wannabe model, faces ultimate terror in the hands of three Bulgarian brothers posing as model photographers. After being tortured and kidnapped, Katie wakes up in Sofia, Bulgaria, in a dirty basement belonging to the family of those three siblings. A family that is clearly perverted, brutal and infuriatedly evil.

But once again, what goes around comes around and Katie will somehow find her inner strength/animosity for a sick vengeance.

The level of gore in both films is something to worry about. In the I Spit on Your Grave series, the only horror that a viewer can experience is the shock of watching such cruel scenes. The inhuman and merciless suffering of those poor young girls is the main focus. Therefore, these films are absolutely not suitable for sensitive people. The what-if-it-was-real thought could sicken the stomach of every viewer, especially the ones who are not used to this extent of violence.

To all fairness, the adrenaline levels are kept high throughout. It is really hard to lose interest, since almost every scene is a continuous source of abhorrence. But I wasn’t able to stop my face from being constantly in the disgust mode.

So, be prepared because you are in for a wild ride.

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