“I want to play a game” – Find the differences

I have explicitly vented before about the disturbingly increasing number of remakes and sequels and about how film production companies are having a very hard time to come up with original and new ideas.

A couple of days ago, I was browsing the Internet to get the latest updates on horror films and I was struck by the new release date of Friday the 13th. At first, that sounded ridiculous but then I figured, ‘Why not?!‘. In addition, I was excited to find out about the Insidious: Chapter 3 release date and that everything is going according to plan with Jeepers Creepers 3. A few bloody axes and monster-like images later, I saw the movie poster of I Spit on Your Grave. Oh no wait.  It was the poster of Sorority Party Massacre?!

And then it hit me.

Apparently, it is a trendy must for horror films not only to copy each other’s stories, but their posters as well. Posters and trailers are the first impression a viewer can get from a film. And if you fall in love with it at first sight, then chances are you will tend to like it better.

Is this why some posters look so similar? To steal some of each other’s spotlight?

Clichés in film plots are a very common phenomenon. When someone goes in the bathroom, it is more likely that they will pop crazy-pills and after closing the cabinet a figure will swiftly appear in the mirror’s reflection. All the horror inside a house, stems from the attic or the basement. And, of course, while running away from a serial killer in the woods, the heroine always trips and falls down increasing the levels of agony.

But clichés in movie posters?! The images speak louder.

berkshire and you're next

Berkshire County and You’re Next


Sorority Party Massacre and I Spit on Your Grave


Blood Creek and The Collector


 Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Hannibal


 Something Beneath and Drag me to Hell


Mirrors 2 and Final Destination 3D


 And finally

                                                             Day of the Dead and The Ruins and The Wake Wood


One Response to ““I want to play a game” – Find the differences”
  1. Kae Verens says:

    the Berkshire County/You’re Next one was preceded in 1998 by The Butcher Boy


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