House of Bad (2013) – Review

The low-budget independent horror film House of Bad is another addition to the averagely executed films list that could leave viewers unsatisfied and a bit tired. It tells of the story of three troubled sisters whose plan to escape from their distressed lives goes completely wrong when they decide to find refuge in the house … Continue reading

Bloodline (2013) – Review

The unoriginal story of five friends who experience a deadly weekend induced by an evil legend is depicted in the horror movie Bloodline. The director and main actor, Matt Thompson, tries really hard to repeat once again the most recounted story of demonic spirits that await a group of ignorant friends who decide to spend … Continue reading

Mama (2013) – Review

Mama is a horror movie that can induce a great deal of fright and agitation if the viewer stops after 50 great minutes full of mystery, horror and agony. Leave it till the end and the whole illusion of the demonic darkness could go to waste. Jessica Chastain stars in Mama playing the role of Annabel, a … Continue reading

The Task (2011) – Review

It was a dreadful task watching this horror movie indeed. Bad acting, a copy-paste plot and a cheesy outcome is what a viewer can get from The Task. After Dark Films did it again with another catastrophe, adding one more to the list of its regrettably seen films like Crazy Eights and The Graves. The Task … Continue reading

Rare Exports (2010) – Review

In the coming of Christmas there is something particularly appealing to festive horror movies. Black Christmas, Silent Night, they all seem decent choices. But an alternative one can always be an intriguing idea. This very thought is what fooled me into watching the Finnish horror movie Rare Exports. That and the fair rating on Imdb. Rare … Continue reading

Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984) – Review

” You scared, ain’t ya? You should be! Christmas Eve is the scariest damn night of the year! “   It’s fun, it’s bubbly, it’s bloodstained. Silent Night, Deadly Night sets a very bloody Christmas spirit for the 80’s horror movie fans. It’s definitely a must for an entertaining horror night with friends. You won’t get … Continue reading

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