Is killer robots in a zombie apocalypse the new thing?

The horror genre has given birth to numerous killer entities. Either in the form of live human beings or as spectres of the afterlife, humankind has suffered enough from different types of deadly threats.

Especially when it comes to post apocalyptic horror films, the ones that depict a shattered zombie-world , it has  always been one super awesome hero that brought hope one little step closer. The invincible type of hero, the sensitive one, the hero who fought for his family or for the entire human race’s sake. Beside him, there has always been a supporting team. PEOPLE who make mistakes and approach the poor little child in the middle of the street, who would then rip their necks off.

There are always characters who  die in a very dramatic moment, just to keep the viewers’ suspense and make the need of revenge even more intense. People who cry when they are in despair, get angry when they are forced to kill their infected partner, scream when are chased by flesh-eating zombies and wink at the super hero when he kills nine zombies with one bullet.

If movies eliminate this human aspect, all they are left with is killing machines, programmed to automatically destroy everything that comes their way. Machines that are flawlessly created to kill and crush every zombie-like being.

Christopher Hatton‘s Battle of the Damned seems like an effort to make that a dreadful reality. It is the story of Max Gatling, played by the one and only Dolph Lundgren, who is an ex commando on a vital mission during a catastrophic zombie outbreak.  What makes this scenario different from all the others, is that this time he is not alone in this battle. He has ravaging robots by his side. Literally, standing side by side, Max and Advanced Utility Robots face the dead in a bloody war.

Is killer robots during a zombie outburst the new trend? If that is the case, it will be a shame to think that these fearless prepared-for-anything characters that we know of would become extinct. Because it is them , with their strengths and weaknesses, their stupid clichés and traumatic memories, that make zombie movies what they are. A suspenseful and fun way to spend a movie-night with friends.

Please, as awesome as it may sound, do not make killer robots the new must in a zombie apocalypse movie. Let’s keep the good old tacky super heroes, that can make anything happen with a little bit of emotion and a tad of humanity, alive.

2 Responses to “Is killer robots in a zombie apocalypse the new thing?”
  1. Ha, agreed. Stupid (lovably stupid, that is) characters that are destined to be killed in a Zombie movie are a must. I can’t see robots becoming a real trend… hopefully not anyway…


    • maria kriva says:

      Haha “lovably stupid” indeed!Those characters may sometimes be extremely predictable and cheesy,but -god- I don’t even want to think about robots vs zombies…too progressive for me! 😀


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