Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984) – Review

You scared, ain’t ya? You should be! Christmas Eve is the scariest damn night of the year!


It’s fun, it’s bubbly, it’s bloodstained. Silent Night, Deadly Night sets a very bloody Christmas spirit for the 80’s horror movie fans. It’s definitely a must for an entertaining horror night with friends. You won’t get scared, but you sure will have a great time.


The 1984 horror classic, depicts the tragic story of a young man, Billy (Robert Brian Wilson), who as a child witnessed the brutal murder of his parents on Christmas Eve by a serial killer dressed as Santa Claus. He and his little brother, after that scarring incident, were sent to an orphanage.


In this little hell, Billy suffered the punishments of Mother Superior, who taught him that punishment is good. Little Billy  grew up to dread the day of Christmas Eve and go crazy in the sight of Santa Claus. His holiday-phobia ultimately became a thirst for punishing the naughty.


What makes Silent Night, Deadly Night a horror movie is the numerous murders and the variety in killing weapons. People get killed by knives, axes, the wire of christmas lights, hammer and a stuffed reindeer’s horns, keeping viewers curious about the next murder. What starts as revenge due to troubled childhood memories, becomes a random, bloody killing spree.


What makes Silent Night, Deadly Night a nice comedy is the great amount of fun elements. I still can’t get the image of twenty-something-year-old Billy when he showed up for a job interview. His handsome tall, masculine figure with his sweet childish smile is priceless. On top of that, the irrelevantly cute melody of “The warm Side of the Door” comes to complete Billy’s hard-working and yet mellow side. Which is something you wouldn’t expect in a horror movie, but there you have it.


Don’t be misled by the upbeat music breaks, since the constant spaced out sounds that foretell another gory murder are usually proved right. Director  Charles E. Sellier Jr has another surprise throughout the movie: lots of nudity.


This horror film is just right for this time of year. It’s extremely cheesy, goofy, grisly and christmas-y. Give it a try.




9 Responses to “Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984) – Review”
  1. Virginia Cerezo says:

    That’s one of the most disgusting trailers I’ve ever seen :S the only living toys I tolerate are the ones from Toy Story 😛


  2. Haha, nice choice!


  3. Laura O says:

    I made the mistake of watching the 2012 remake Silent Night, not realising there was an 80s original on offer. Woe is me! I might give this one a go, there aren’t really that many festive horror films to choose from, after all.


    • maria kriva says:

      Agreed Laura, there aren’t many Christmas horror movies indeed.But this one is really fun.It’s not scary at all but it’s strangely enjoyable. 🙂


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