House of Bad (2013) – Review

The low-budget independent horror film House of Bad is another addition to the averagely executed films list that could leave viewers unsatisfied and a bit tired.

It tells of the story of three troubled sisters whose plan to escape from their distressed lives goes completely wrong when they decide to find refuge in the house they grew up.

Teig , Sirah and Lily steal a suitcase full of drugs from a drug dealer in order to sell them for money to make a fresh start away from their bad habits. Teig (Heather L. Tyler) is the oldest and toughest sister and she is in charge of carrying out with the plan. Sirah (Sadie Katz) and Lily (Cheryl Sands), being softer and more sensitive have no choice but to follow their older sister’s orders.

The plan is to stay isolated for two weeks in their old abandoned house, where their mother brutally died when their father crazed by jealousy, refused to take her to hospital when she had problems with her pregnancy of her lovechild.

The three ignorant sisters, fed up with their scarred lives,  come face to face with their father’s evil spirit and their mother’s tragic and bloody ghost. As expected, the mean ghost of the father gets into Teig’s mind, whereas the tortured ghost of the mother gets into sweet young Lily. Even though Sirah seems to be the most gullible of the three women, her character beats the odds and turns out to be a very important part of the film. Eventually, it takes 11 days for the two sides to clash resulting in a deadly outcome.

Although the plot sounds particularly interesting, it is only in the end when there is actually action. Director, Jim Towns , provides viewers with several flashbacks that give an impression of the troubled childhood memories of the girls but for a horror film it fails to create an agonizing and gripping atmosphere.

The mother’s ghost wearing a dress full of blood and the father’s chilling grin could potentially give a great flavor to make House of Bad a very enjoyable choice. However, the haunting scenes are extremely few and the viewer can’t get actually scared, since the sisters seem to be taking the spirits’ presence surprisingly well and calmly.

As the film progresses, the two ghosts are not the ones to pose a threat to the sisters. For it is their rough past memories and their repressed feelings that will lead them to their dialysis.

House of Bad is a mediocre choice for the experienced eye and a quite indifferent one for a Friday movie-night.

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  1. Homer Wilson says:

    I love your blog you are amazing at telling a story.


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