How many horror movies feature THE WOODS?

“There was something in the woods, David… and I think it’s in here with us… now.”, says Jane Levy as Mia in the newest version of Evil Dead. In her words lies the concept behind every similar movie set in an evil haunted forest. It is one of the most common themes in the horror genre and … Continue reading

Outpost (2007) – Review

Eastern Europe. A German underground military facility of the Second World War. Zombies. Undead Nazis. That’s pretty much everything a viewer needs to know to get intrigued to watch Outpost. Julian Wadham stars in this horror movie playing the role of Hunt, a british scientist who hires a squad of skilled soldiers to accompany him on … Continue reading

The Purge (2013) – Review

The comments and the opinions vary when it comes to criticising The Purge, a horror movie that created a lot of fuss but clearly didn’t live up to the audience’s expectations. However, I decided not to unleash my cynicism and be gentle with my review. And why? Well, because you learn to appreciate some movies more … Continue reading

Flesh-eating Squirrels – It’s gone too far

Whoever said – including myself – that imagination and originality are being crashed and shredded into pieces by the avalanche of remakes and sequels was clearly wrong especially in the case of the upcoming horror film Squirrels. There is absolutely nothing misleading – other than me calling it horror film – about Squirrels. It is, as … Continue reading

Stoker (2013) – Review

Stoker, an absorbing psychological thriller, is the absolute break from all the splatter stories described lately on YourPopcorner. Prison Break‘s Wentworth Miller is surprisingly the writer of Stoker ‘s fascinating dramatic story that can easily ravish even the most cynical fans of gore – as myself. The story begins with a family tragedy as the … Continue reading

Under the Bed (2012) – Review

Generally Boogeyman stories are not my favorite and I tend to be extra prejudiced when it comes to relevant horror films. However,Under the Bed, considering it is an indie film, is quite rewarding and not at all dull. Cheesy – in some scenes – yes. But not that bad after all. The independent horror movie … Continue reading

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