Under the Bed (2012) – Review

Generally Boogeyman stories are not my favorite and I tend to be extra prejudiced when it comes to relevant horror films. However,Under the Bed, considering it is an indie film, is quite rewarding and not at all dull. Cheesy – in some scenes – yes. But not that bad after all.

The independent horror movie Under the Bed tells the story of Neal (Jonny Weston) and his little brother Paulie (the amazing Gattlin Griffith), who are having a really hard time fighting their inner – literally and metaphorically speaking – demons. Neal, a troubled teenager returns to his hometown after being sent away to live with his aunt due to his psychological difficulties coping with his mother’s death a few years back.

He nervously comes back home to find his strict yet desperate father remarried to Angela, a caring and sweet woman and his younger brother Paulie being a lot different and scared also having troubles dealing with his traumatic memories.

As one can guess from the movie’s title, the real problem, the source of the two young men’s phobias lies under the bed in Neal’s bedroom. Based on the horror tale of Boogeyman, a terrifying creature lurks under the bed ready to attack them once they dare to fall asleep.

The two brothers together, gang up to destroy the gooey evil entity and overcome their fears that have been haunting them all this time.

Under the Bed makes a really decent effort to make this horror tale entertaining and thrilling to watch. Whilst having a lot of resemblances with Boogeyman (2005) and Darkness Falls (2003), it manages to keep the viewers interest throughout as the action starts quite early with suspense scenes showing the presence of the dark creature and the terror that it has brought to the two boys.

Even though it is mostly characterised by haunting scenes and paranormal activities, Under the Bed succeeds in pleasing the fans of gory splatter. The limited – yet bloody – killing scenes are an extra bonus to complete the story and make it more dramatic. In fact, it is one of the very rare times in horror films that a young child gets utterly dismembered on-screen.

The bouncy and at the same time inspirational music accompanies the action scenes in which the protagonists get ready for their final battle with the beast. It is a cheesy element, but for some reason it fits well for a smooth outcome of the story.

Don’t expect it to be brilliant, as I have made peace with my mind that such a thing is particularly rare to find in the horror genre. But just remember that. For an indie film, it is really good.

4 Responses to “Under the Bed (2012) – Review”
  1. thycriticman says:

    I have contemplated watching this film numerous times, but always end up choosing something else. Seems like it may be decent, maybe I’ll watch it at some point. As sick as this may sound, you caught my attention by mentioning the child dismemberment. I have never seen that before, and not saying I want too, but it shows that this is a film willing to take some risks.


    • maria kriva says:

      I know!I was really shocked to see that as well. I can’t remember seeing anything like that even in the most twisted horror movies. It is only one of the very few killing scenes and it would be very interesting to know why they chose to do something like that.

      To be honest with you, there are many better movies than this to choose. However, it is not that bad to watch 🙂


      • thycriticman says:

        Possibly the shock value. People talking about it can generate interest I suppose.

        I will take your advice, and watch the next few horror movies on my list. Maybe one day if I am really bored, I may check this out!


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  1. […] destroys this taboo. The reason behind it is definitely Steve C. Miller, who also surprised us in Under The Bed with a very graphic scene of a young boy being killed by the Boogeyman. Similarly, in Silent Night […]


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