Sinister (2012) – Review

After the mediocre The Purge and the bad Daybreakers, Ethan Hawke, who seems to have an affinity for horror movies, stars in the eerie movie of 2012, Sinister.

Sinister is distinguished for its spooky atmosphere, splatter scenes, horrific demonic presences and a noteworthy twist in the ending. On the whole, it has a bunch of elements that make it a very entertaining choice – for the horror movie fans – and a quite disturbing one for the inexperienced.

Ethan Hawke‘s character Ellison Oswalt is a famous  true-crime writer who is desperately looking for a fresh idea for his new book. For that reason, he moves with his wife Tracy (Juliet Rylance) and their two children into a new house in a rural Pennsylvania county, where a young girl has gone missing after her entire family was found hung on the backyard tree.

His curiosity as a writer and his need for acknowledgement and fame put him and his family into a serial killer’s of the 60’s radar. After unexpectedly finding a box with an old film projector and a few home movies in the attic, Ellison begins investigating what seems to be a series of gruesome murders.

The home movies depicted the precious family time of different happy families but the endings of these movies where nothing but happy, as almost all members where eventually murdered.

Ellison tries to solve the mystery behind these murders and find out what happened to the missing girl who used to leave in his new house, while exposing his family to the demonic deity of child-eater Bughuul.

Sinister has what it takes to disturb and satisfy its viewers. Without overusing splatter scenes it leaves enough room for fear and agony, whilst creating a ghastly atmosphere to keep the interest alive.

Eerie music accompanies Ethan Hawke to his macabre investigation, which makes the setting and the story more intense. The characters’ performances are particularly convincing cleansing Hawke from his previous flop that is Daybreakers.

Even though the plot involves a number of clichés found massively in horror movies, such as moving into a new home, nightmarish footage found in the attic and demonic haunting, they are all smoothly intertwined into Sinister.

The ending, which is certainly worth the wait, lays the foundations for a promising sequel and hopefully the sinister – literally and metaphorically – plot  will manage to satisfy even the most skeptical viewers when/if Sinister 2 gets released.

6 Responses to “Sinister (2012) – Review”
  1. Agreed! I wasn’t a massive fan of the children aspect, but those home movies made me feel incredibly uneasy.
    Regards, Jordan


    • maria kriva says:

      Yes! The home movies and the creepy demon-face were particularly disturbing and captivating! I think that’s what made me keep watching it!
      The children were a surprising twist, but certainly the demon alone would be a scarier choice!


  2. thycriticman says:

    I was actually going to watch this tonight, but made the mistake of choosing something else instead. That is it! Tomorrow will finally be the day I watch Sinister! And I am glad that you liked it. Hopefully I will as well!

    It sucks that it follows cliches, but from what you described, it sounds like it could be quite interesting. Nice review Maria!


    • maria kriva says:

      Thank you very much Superhero! 🙂 (If I knew your name, it wouldn’t sound so weird, haha)

      Yes do watch it! I really hope you like it! I enjoyed it very much, so hopefully you enjoy it too! I’d be glad to hear your thoughts or read your review! It does follow some cliches, it’s definitely not a masterpiece, but luckily they are not as annoying as in other horror films! 🙂


      • thycriticman says:

        No problem:) I smiled at superhero haha, but the name is Louie!

        I will let you know, as I am quite sure I will be watching it later on! Well, glad that they are not annoying at least!!


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