Dead Silence (2007) – Review

Dead Silence can be everything a horror movie fan is looking for. It offers agonizing atmosphere, eerie setting, twists in the plot, lots of haunting scenes, possessed ventriloquist dummies and a dash of gore to please the fans’ inner gruesome instincts.

Director James Wan, known for Saw and the latest hit The Conjuring, has obviously a gift in creating the perfect horror films to spend an entertaining movie night full of fear and discomfort.

Dead Silence is about Mary Shaw (Judith Roberts), a performing ventriloquist back in the 40’s – a deranged and disturbing personality whose entire life revolved around her dolls. Doubters were a red flag for her and those who mocked her had a very gruesome and brutal ending. The locals in Ravens Fair, a small rural town, dreaded Mary Shaw and after the strange disappearance of a young boy, a team of local people murdered her.

But Mary Shaw never died and along with her 101 dolls, her malicious spirit kept haunting the small town spreading death and scream to her hunters and their families.

The story in Dead Silence begins with a violent death. That’s more than enough to keep the viewer’s interest in high levels. The main character, Jamie Ashen (Ryan Kwanten) and his wife Lisa receive a strange package from an unknown sender and in astonishment they realize that this package contains Billy, a ventriloquist dummy.

Billy, is something more than a strange and creepy doll. It brings gory death to those around it and as the legend has it if you see Mary Shaw you must never ever scream.

Lisa, even though she is aware of the legend and the rhyme, she can’t help but scream in the sight of Mary Shaw as she grabs her from the leg and drags her to her death. Jamie, devastated and shocked after his wife’s brutal death, tries to find answers as to what happened to Lisa and who sent the creepy doll right before her murder.

The setting in Dead Silence is perfect for a horror movie. Ravens Fair has lost all its previous glory and it is a proper ghost town. The terrified locals who dread the ghost of Mary Shaw and the big abandoned theater where she used to perform come to complete the atmosphere of ultimate gloom.

Judith Roberts couldn’t be more perfect. Her performance is particularly remarkable and I could definitely rank her in the top five most eerie ghosts in the horror genre.

Dead Silence is not only about a malevolent ghost and the brutal killings of her targeted victims. A surprising twist in the end of the story is absolutely worth a note. Additionally, James Wan has another Easter Egg to offer.

I couldn’t be more excited to spot an amazing guest character from the past. Billy from Saw in a special cameo appearance offers a moment of awesomeness and a fan of Saw definitely bustles with excitement at the sight of this epic doll on a tricycle. It brings about memories of nostalgia and that’s why Dead Silence is a great horror movie and James Wan an amazing director. Apparently, a doll named “Billy” is Wan’s fetish.

"Billy" from Saw appears in a scene of Dead Silence

“Billy” from Saw appears in a scene of Dead Silence

Dead Silence is a definite go-see and it’s really hard not to feel satisfied by what it has to offer.

9 Responses to “Dead Silence (2007) – Review”
  1. thycriticman says:

    I completely forgot about the Saw cameo in this film. And I forgot a lot of the film, but only because I was a lot younger when I watched it. Maybe about 14 at the time, because I remember going to theaters to see it in 2007. I do remember enjoying it, and I think a re-watch should be considered. You are giving the ghoul top 5 status? That is a big deal! Thus meaning I should do more than re-consider!

    Nicely written!


    • maria kriva says:

      Thanks! 🙂 I think it is one of my favourite movies, it’s not something special but I really love it! Mary Shaw is also one of my favourite ghosts in horror movies…and the scene with the ventriloquist clown doll is pretty creepy! I think you should really consider a re-watch!! 🙂


  2. vinnieh says:

    Just wanted to say you’ve got a great blog here, love horror films so I look forward to more of your work.


  3. I really like this one a lot. It’s probably my favorite Wan movie and most people don’t even care for it much. 🙂


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