Dark Touch (2013) – Review

Annoying, frustrating and slightly stretched out, are the words to describe Dark Touch, a horror film that shows how mean and vengeful abused children can get when they are pushed to their limits.

Resembling to The Orphan, which excelled at depicting the mayhem and bloody chaos that an evil young character brought to its new family,Dark Touch is an average yet somehow compelling endeavor.

The main idea lies behind the troubled childhood of Niamh (talented Missy Keating), a tortured and abused young girl who has been stripped of a normal life as a child and is constantly seen in outbursts of screaming, crying, yelling, running and sobbing. Her parents, Ryan and Lucy seem to run a very strict house keeping Niamh away from her baby brother. However, her wounds and bruises indicate that something abnormal is going on in her home.

The beginning of the film doesn’t make much sense, which can be quite discouraging. There is too much tension and emotional anguish by a bunch of characters that the viewers don’t know of. Adding to that a lot of running in the woods, crying and telekinetic furniture movements, the viewers – including myself – will be probably left extremely confused and frustrated, since nothing seems to make sense.

However, it is better to treat that as a motivation to continue watching the film in order to figure out what is going on. After a significant amount of time, it becomes clear that young Niamh has dark powers, which she uses as a defense mechanism.

When her parents get brutally murdered by the moving furniture in their house and her baby brother gets strangely suffocated to death, Niamh ends up in her aunt’s house, her mother’s sister. Nat (Marcella Plunkett) and her husband Lucas (Padraic Delaney) welcome Niamh into their home and along with their two other young children they try to ease the pain of the traumatized 10-year-old.

As the story progresses, Niamh finds it really hard to overcome her scarring memories and she clearly can’t trust anyone. She doesn’t want to be touched and she is pushed aside at school, as the other children are scared of her.

Nat and Lucas try their best to help her get over her unfortunate and miserable past, but soon enough they find themselves targeted by their evil and crazy niece.

Niamh is a very hostile and violent character. Her hatred towards everyone, except other abused children, leads to atrocities; some of them justified, some others completely unexplainable.

Her malicious behavior towards the people around her is quite frustrating and irritating. Just as in The Orphan, the viewer probably wishes for a satisfying payback scene. But is that the case in Dark Touch?

That is something the viewers should find out themselves.

Eerie, ominous piano music and distant screams form a thrilling and chilling setting for Dark Touch. That adds an intriguing touch to the film and it suits well Niamh’s creepy looks.

However, there are a few unnecessary scenes that are too stretched out, jeopardizing losing the viewer’s attention. But, Missy Keating’s talented performance balances out the negative aspects and manages to maintain the interest.

If you have enough patience to bear the vicious behavior of a hateful child gone crazy on a wicked killing spree, Dark Touch is the movie for you. It is not a masterpiece and it is not even remotely as good as The Orphan, however its aggravating atmosphere is – for some reason – compelling.


4 Responses to “Dark Touch (2013) – Review”
  1. thycriticman says:

    I agree with you in many ways. I honestly thought the best way to describe Dark Touch is average. I did like the beginning a little more than you did, but the rest was just…welll…you know…like…uhh…say you are in a lecture, and the topic is interesting…yet the teacher is so monotone…that kind of thing. It just had so much potential to be more fun…..


    • maria kriva says:

      The trailer makes you have really high hopes about this one, but in the end it is just so average! The topic is really interesting and the fact that the little girl is so annoying is somehow very appealing…but it fails to keep your attention.

      Haha, you are absolutely right, your metaphor is right on the money!


      • thycriticman says:

        That is one of the main problems. So hard to keep focused on it, and how in the world do her powers keep multiplying? She goes from doing one thing to another, being out of control into total control, and such without offering any explanation. It just got so frusteratingggggggggggggggggggggg


  2. chinahand11 says:

    This review was insightful and informative, I believe I will take a pass, the plot seems very depressing and the payout the same. Thank you Maria!


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