Julia’s eyes (2011) – Review

Spanish productions are in many cases little gems discarded by big Hollywood productions that steal all the spotlight. This phenomenon applies to the film Julia’s Eyes as well , a Spanish psychological thriller with amazing twists and the ability to hold the viewer’s interest until the very end.

Julia’s Eyes narrates the story of twin sisters Sara and Julia (characters played by the great Belén Rueda), both suffering from a condition that causes sight loss. Sara, unable to cope with her life as blind ends her life leaving her sister shocked and surprised by her suicide. With no evidence left behind other than Julia’s instinct that someone was present when her sister committed suicide, she begins a quest for answers to find out what really happened to her blind sister and the reasons that led her to a tragic death.

Only a few days before Julia loses her sight completely, she struggles to find the answers she is looking for. Along with her husband’s help she tries to connect the dots and follow the clues that will hopefully lead to the truth.

However, the presence of an invisible man, the one who Julia feels that knew her sister,  becomes more and more intense. She is certain that this invisible figure, who is following her everywhere and is always lurking in her sister’s house is connected with Sara’s bizarre suicide.

Everyone she meets, who has something to say or add about Sara’s relationship with the invisible man, gets strangely killed leaving Julia more confused and scared.

Julia’s Eyes is most certainly a very exciting and suspenseful psychological thriller. The invisible man who , neither Julia nor the viewers can see, makes the atmosphere chilling and eerie. By not knowing who he is and why he behaves this way, the setting becomes intriguing and unsafe. Adding to that Julia’s weakness, the film becomes very interesting and gripping.

Even though in the end Julia manages to solve the mystery and understand who her stalker is, director Guillem Morales has a bag full of surprises for the viewers. Twists and new villains make their appearance, maintaining successfully the preexisting captivating atmosphere and adding a more flavorful note for the ending.

Julia’s Eyes is a choice of a film that shouldn’t be overlooked. The gory scenes – if any – are extremely limited, however this doesn’t deprive the film of agony and fear. The feeling of fear is not the mainstream one; as experienced in The Conjuring, for instance. It is more of a psychological fear provoked by the protagonist’s physical weakness, the uncertainty of the villain’s identity and the element of darkness that prevails in order to add more meaning and suspense to the story.

For these reasons, this Spanish production is as worthy as any commercial Hollywood production, standing out for its intense storyline and great performances.


7 Responses to “Julia’s eyes (2011) – Review”
  1. thycriticman says:

    You beat me to writing a review for it! Not fair! How awesome was my advice? I already know the answer to that one, but no need to be cocky here, because anyone who knows good horror/thriller would say that this movie is a total success.

    Everything you said sums up what makes it so excellent, so great job! A few annoying plot holes aside, this was near perfect! Just like its lead actress who is close to fifty in age, yet could put the majority of young ladies to shame in both acting ability and beauty! Foreign films seem to be where its at these days!


    • maria kriva says:

      Haha, no I didn’t beat you! I took YOUR awesome advice and watched this great thriller, so in a way you win! 😀

      The lead actress was really amazing! Great actress and so beautiful! She was a nice break from all the hot twenty-something actresses that star in horror films! And yes you are right, there were some annoying plot holes and a couple of unnecessary dramatic scenes, but the outcome was so good that they don’t really matter. 😉


      • thycriticman says:

        Yayyy! Plus, you motivated me to finally write mine out of my list of twenty or so, “Films that I still have to review”. So you returned the favour haha.

        Did you know that she also starred in The Orphanage? I’m sure that you watched that as well!


      • maria kriva says:

        Haha glad to hear that!

        Yes! I’ve seen that one! She is really amazing! But to be honest with you, I liked Julia’s Eyes better than The Orphanage! It feels more original! The Orphanage was really good, but its plot was quite common, it felt like I’ve seen it a bunch of times!


      • thycriticman says:

        Maybe that is why I cannot remember much of it…..


  2. vinnieh says:

    Excellent review, really chilling film with Belen Rueda amazing as the title character.


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