The Fourth Kind (2009) – Review

The Fourth Kind is probably one of my favorite horror films, although it has a relatively average score on Imdb and it does not follow the usual pattern of a typical alien horror movie.

However, it is absolutely worth a try, since its interesting structure and disturbing footage can stick to your memory and – for the curious ones – offer great food for thought. You can get a preview on what to expect by taking a look at one of the film’s scariest scenes here.

The entire film is enriched with real footage coming from the real people involved in the story; or at least that’s what the viewers are told from the very beginning. True or not, it is perfect to set the mood and raise the anticipation for fear and goosebumps.

The Fourth Kind describes the allegedly true story of Abbey Tyler (the original character is played by Charlotte Milchard, whereas the lead actress in the movie is Milla Jovovich ), a psychiatrist in Alaska who finds herself involved in a bizarre series of sessions with patients who report to have late-night encounters with an undefined figure. Performing unconventional ways of getting the true facts out of her distressed patients, she performs a hypnosis on them in order to help them recall these strange visits.

During the hypnosis, Abbey tries to figure out who the eerie visitor is and why her patients are so afraid of him. However, in the remembrance of him, the patients get particularly agitated and horrified. When they wake up, they feel and look extremely terrified and they all speak of a creepy owl staring at them.

Abbey Tyler under hypnosis, contacting aliens

Abbey Tyler under hypnosis

Dr. Tyler and her colleague Abel (the one and only Elias Koteas) start an investigation in order to get answers. However, she finds herself caught up in the same situation, as bruises on her body and vague memories of an owl visiting her at night become more intense.

Her research brings the phenomenon of alien abductions into surface, as they are considered the fourth kind of alien encounters. She finds some hidden documents on her late husband’s desk, which indicate that he was working on the same issue before he died.

Now, it’s up to her to find the answers he was looking for and protect her two little children from the late-night owl. Will she succeed?

Unfortunately, a member of her family will suffer the consequences of the fourth kind encounter.

What makesย The Fourth Kind a very special and captivating horror film, is the use of footage depicting the sessions of real Abbey Tyler. Furthermore, director Olatunde Osunsanmi manages to create a suspenseful and agonizing atmosphere by showing the real interview of pale, exhausted and traumatized Abbey Tyler, as she describes all the events that resulted her current painful condition.

The hypnosis scenes are very strong and disturbing. It appears that during these sessions, the person who goes under hypnosis comes in contact with whatever it’s out there and the sound of the spooky, distant voice speaking in the old Sumerian language sets a very chilling and alarming setting.

Most certainly,ย The Fourth Kind succeeds in grasping the viewers’ attention and some of the scenes will remain particularly memorable. Of course, it is up to the individual whether they’ll believe what they see or not. Even though The Fourth Kind might not be a movie to believe in, it sure is a movie to enjoy to the fullest. So, leave your skepticism behind and let the owl-looking visitor carry you away.

The Fourth Kind / Review – Parlor of Horror

8 Responses to “The Fourth Kind (2009) – Review”
  1. I’m glad you like this too! I showed it to my sisters when it first came out – they thought it was real and were completely terrified ha. Such an underrated, scary film.


    • maria kriva says:

      Haha, I can understand why they got so scared! Well to be honest I was a bit confused as well, and that made me feel particularly uneasy, but after the third time, I just loved it,haha! It’s really weird that it’s so underrated!


  2. The amazing thing about The Fourth Kind is, I wasn’t so creeped out when I first saw it but it kept gnawing at me for days. The second time I watched it – it creeped me out for sure. Did a review on this a while back and got mixed feedback from it. I think it’s awesome!


  3. thycriticman says:

    Why does this have such a low rating on major review sites? Not because of that, but I just never really got around to watching this one. I do not trust the opinion of those sites just because it is likely being reviewed mainly by people who are not horror fans. Crazy that you enjoyed it much….now I feel like I will have to watch it.


    • maria kriva says:

      Yes you do have to watch it! I think you’ll really enjoy it! I have no idea why those site give such a low rating…I really don’t! I think you are right, though, the reviews are probably written by people who are not horror fans, and consequently can’t appreciate a good and chilling horror movie! ๐Ÿ˜€ But, you should definitely give this one a try! ๐Ÿ˜‰


  4. chinahand11 says:

    I have a psychic GF who – when she views films like this – sees flashes of spirits for a few days afterward. Sixth Sense did that to her. I’m crossing this one off of her “to see” list. But I think that maybe on one of those nights when I can’t sleep …. oh yes I’ll see it. Me and the cats. Besides, I have a little crush on Miss Jovovich. Erm, who does not? Thanks for a great review!


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