Creep (2004) – Review

Do you fancy a tour of London’s Underground network? Creep is a perfect way to familiarize yourselves with the famous tube, but in this case, it’s going to be a bloody and lonely ride! When the platforms lock down and the busy tube stations empty, there is only one creature lurking in the underground’s old and dirty tunnels.

Lead actress Kate ( Franka Potente ) is the one to experience the gory side of London’s underground maze. After falling asleep on Charing Cross platform while waiting for the last train of the day, she wakes up to find herself trapped inside the locked down station. In panic, she tries to figure out a way to get out of this uncomfortable and weird situation. Luckily, she comes across a sweet, young homeless couple who lives in a tunnel inside the platform with their cute dog Ray.

Jimmy and Mandy, in spite of being under the influence of drugs and exhausted, gladly decide to help Kate reach the only security guard in the station. However, she soon realizes that missing the last train must not be her main concern.

The figure of a deformed, bony man is a serious problem. With brutal and violent instincts, he roams the dark tunnels of the underground looking for his next victims. Some of them are lucky enough to die instantly by a swift attack, while others – more unfortunate – have to suffer his obsession with surgery. The outcome of such a twisted hobby is disturbing and requires a tough stomach.

Overall, Creep is an amazing horror film – in its own way – and it most certainly manages to capture the viewer’s strict attention from the very beginning. What makes it captivating is that the Creep makes his presence noted from the first scenes and his dark, blurry figure haunting the tube’s tunnels sets an eerie and agonizing setting.

This particular setting makes the entire film successful. The chaotic underground network, that resembles a macabre maze, is the perfect choice. Everything that happens down there, stays there. Despair and helplessness run through Kate’s veins as the Creep is everywhere…but she can’t go anywhere.

A few plot holes are better to be passed by. It doesn’t matter that nobody woke her up when she was sleeping on the platform and it is okay that the profound noise that every single train makes when it approaches the station didn’t even make her blink. And the absence of any security guards was certainly very convenient for the outcome of the film.

Creep must be treated as a very good splash horror film that offers great moments of chills and adrenaline. The squeaking creature that performs unbelievably gruesome operations with saws and crowbars, as well as the gallons and gallons of blood are the necessary ingredients for a gory and memorable horror film.

Adding to that London’s tube, you really get a thrilling and entertaining choice.

Don’t let the relatively average score on Imdb discourage you from giving Creep a try. Chances are, you’ll find yourselves bustling with excitement from the beginning until the end.

6 Responses to “Creep (2004) – Review”
  1. Yeah, I think this film was great. I had it listed in my Top 10 Underrated horror flicks!


  2. thycriticman says:

    I’ve never seen this one. I remember seeing the poster and hearing about it though. You know why I think it may have slipped by me? The generic looking poster. You make it sound appealing though so maybe I’ll give it a try someday.

    Although nobody waking her up is absolutely hilarious….


    • maria kriva says:

      Haha, noboby waking her up was hilarious and also the fact that there were no security guards or no one watching behind the innumerable security cameras!

      But still, I think you’ll like it! 🙂 Don’t expect too much from the plot, because it has many holes! But I’m sure you’ll enjoy its gory and creepy side!


  3. chinahand11 says:

    Thank you for such a good review! This one got by me somehow but I am looking forward to seeing it now. And I’ve always had a crush on Franka. Sigh. Thanks again!


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