Afflicted (2013) – Review

With Afflicted you get a found footage horror film that breaks all the clichés and smoothly combines vampires with zombies, Canada with Europe, physical and mental decay with exhausting immortality.

Best friends Derek (Derek Lee) and Cliff (Clif Prowse) set off for a trip that will change their lives forever. After Derek is diagnosed with a serious condition that could ultimately cost his life, he decides to make his lifetime dream come true and travel around the five continents within 30 days. This personal desire becomes a reality when his good friend Cliff, a documentarian and filmmaker, stands by his side to this exciting endeavor.

Barcelona, Paris and Vernazza (Italy) are the only stops that the two men will manage. Their stay in Paris will be life changing, whereas Italy will be the setting of their fatal destiny.

After meeting a mysterious woman in a Parisian club, Derek will wake up in a hotel room covered in blood, with a strange wound on his arm. This raises worries to his friend, but as his wounds and bruises don’t seem to have a serious impact on his health, Cliff relaxes and keeps documenting everything.

It is only a matter of a few days when the implications of this strange night will appear. Derek seems to have gained super powers allowing him to climb walls, jump from roof to roof and lift cars. The two men welcome these powers documenting everything and enjoy themselves while having a good laugh. But soon, the laughter stops and a strange hunger begins; a hunger that can’t be satisfied with regular food.

Derek’s violent and blood-seeking instincts will start to appear and his zombie-like exterior accompanied by a vampire-like thirst will culminate in a deadly and monstrous hunt in the backstreets of the European cities.

Afflicted is an extraordinary choice that will definitely keep the viewers’ strict interest throughout. Even though the found footage concept is getting a bit old and the number of such films is constantly increasing, Afflicted is a different case. With no clichés and innumerably seen scenes, it manages to offer original moments of excitement.

The European setting is a very interesting asset and it certainly breathes new life to the genre. One must keep in mind, though, that it’s not an indicative example of horror and fear, as the eerie scenes are particularly limited. However, it is absolutely a creepy action film. Splatter elements are a bonus to the fans, as the scenes with thick blood gashing from neck-bites and the freaky sounds of a zombie screaming with fury, add a great flavor to Afflicted.

It is absolutely a film that one must not miss. Just sit back and enjoy half-zombie, half-vampire Derek rampaging the streets of Europe and discover the secret behind his sudden mutation.

7 Responses to “Afflicted (2013) – Review”
  1. This sounds good and I’ve read only good reviews of it. 🙂


  2. garylee828 says:

    I think you reveal a little too much information about the movie in this review, as you point out the vampire-zombie thing. Going into this I hadn’t watched the trailer or read about it b/c I wanted to be as surprised as possible. I honestly hadn’t suspected the vampire angle going in, and just thought he was “afflicted” by some kind of virus or something. I also was surprised by the scene where the guys busted in the hotel room and found him laying in blood on the bed. When I first saw him I thought his brain exploded and he was dead. Point being, if I had read this article beforehand, I would have known all of these things in advance and the element of surprise would’ve been eliminated…

    I don’t know if I’d agree the film is without cliches, as it’s similar to a slew of other films: Contracted, Chronicle, Paranormal Activity 5…

    And some of the acting in this was pretty shoddy (although the opening of Contracted had bad acting, as well)…

    Overall, I thought “Afflicted” was pretty good, but nothing great. I thought the vampire angle should have been revealed as a surprise in the last act instead of the middle; after the vampire reveal there really were no more surprises and everything else became totally predictable.

    I think “Contracted” was much better b/c it keeps you guessing until the last scene.


  3. Another one to add to the ever-growing queue! Too many great-sounding films and not enough time atm!


  4. eatwatchread says:

    Reblogged this on and commented:
    An excellent review of a different kind of vampire movie.

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