The Descent (2005) – Review

In this stifling splash movie, director Neil Marshall wanted “something that could get the women, something human, but not quite”. Human but not quite are indeed the flesh-eating humanoids that lurk in the dark and dangerous unmapped cave that the six heroines are unlucky enough to enter. One year after the tragic accident that killed … Continue reading

Wer (2013) – Review

Is it a bear? A wolf ? A man? What did actually slaughter the Porter family and terrorized the entire French community and eventually the whole Europe? The strange title might actually give you a clue to who’s hiding behind the ferocious killer in Wer. Wer is a modern tale of a monster lurking in the … Continue reading

The Hidden Face (2011) – Review

Foreign thrillers are quite often astounding gems that can easily put Hollywood productions to shame. In the case of The Hidden Face, that’s a rather bold statement, however it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that it’s a Spanish production worthy of any positive critique. Mysterious and agonizing are two words that could perfectly describe … Continue reading

Stage Fright (2014) – Review

This horror-musical is solid proof that despite the splatter, the show must go on! A musical theater camp is terrorized by a masked serial killer, who hates music students and despises everything cheerful and merry; thus he is constantly seen in scenes screaming goth-metal tunes. His vengefulness  and brutal instincts turn into a bloody massacre … Continue reading

Wolf Creek 2 (2013) – Review

Pig-hunter Mick Taylor is back, more vicious and violent than ever. Following the chilling and captivating first part of the Wolf Creek series, the sequel takes insanity and gore to the next level. When Greg Mclean first introduced us to Mick Taylor more than seven years ago, the character of such a lunatic and monstrous serial … Continue reading

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