Wolf Creek 2 (2013) – Review

Pig-hunter Mick Taylor is back, more vicious and violent than ever. Following the chilling and captivating first part of the Wolf Creek series, the sequel takes insanity and gore to the next level.

When Greg Mclean first introduced us to Mick Taylor more than seven years ago, the character of such a lunatic and monstrous serial killer seemed perfect. John Jarratt‘s performance is still memorable and what made Wolf Creek so massively disturbing is the “based on true events” line that opens the movie and the true facts that appear after the final scene.

Following these steps, Mclean offers a sequel so similar to the first part and yet so different. The vast deserts of Australia, its ominous creeks and endless roads in the middle of ‘Nowhereland’ is once again the setting of Mick Taylor’s ghastly killing spree. The wildness of the Australian outback is perfectly mirrored in the wildness of Taylor’s character and the infinite landscape highlights the victims’ despair and total helplessness. Or just a fancy way to describe a complete psycho killer who is capable of committing every horrific atrocity on ignorant tourists who get in his way.

In Wolf Creek, Taylor is extremely violent offering great moments of gore. In 2013’s sequel, you get a cynical, facetious and humorous Mick; a crazed killer who never loses his macabre sense of humor and keeps getting more and more entertaining. Does that make him likeable or disgusting? Tough to choose.


What’s funny and a bit annoying is that, despite the tremendous Australian outback and the never-ending driveways, Mick Taylor is everywhere. You can run for days, drive for hours, walk up and down every single hill, get lost into the abysmal desert, Mick will get you. Not only will he track you down, but during your desperate effort to run away, he will have made time to get a vehicle of his convenience, kill the driver, put on his happy face and get so close to you, that you can almost feel his breath. So I guess, yelling “You have to do better than that“, is not really the best way to celebrate your temporary freedom.

Do you need a lift to the nearest town? Mick’s car will be the only car driving by. Have you set up camp in the middle of nowhere? Mick will show up! Did you find shelter in the house of two helpful – yet creepy – locals? Mick will get you out of there.

With a superhero like that no one is safe.

Some skills are required to stand a chance of surviving; excellent driving skills, as there is a lot of road action, and great knowledge of Australia’s history. On both counts, I would most certainly die.

Wolf Creek 2 is a proof that the character of Mick Taylor is becoming really famous and that we’ll be probably seeing more of him in the future. His killing-spree extravaganza is getting more and more gruesome. So, the “based on true events” line is definitely getting weaker.

Mclean should be extra careful not to drop the ball with this one. Remember Jame Wan’s Saw in 2004, this brilliant horror movie picturing one of the genre’s most horrific serial killers? Well, it got worse and worse by the years, just because the creators were thirsty for more gore. Let’s hope, that won’t be the case with Wolf Creek. Mick Taylor’s character is fantastic, so don’t make him another exhausting John Kramer.


12 Responses to “Wolf Creek 2 (2013) – Review”
  1. garylee828 says:

    I think “Saw” is excellent if you look at it like a series. If you add up the time of 7 “Saw” films it’s about the same time as a season of “Dexter”. Each installment of the “Saw” franchise revealed more pieces to the puzzle – similar as to what the first season of “Dexter” did.

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    • maria kriva says:

      I really loved the first two Saw films, they were brilliant! There were so many twists in the plot and everything was so interestingly confusing. But, I think the sequels that followed really exaggerated the gory aspect, making it the only thing that matters and neglecting the plot. I remember the last couple films being quite predictable.


  2. Bill Meeker says:

    Mick Taylor is quite the super-anti-hero — I love it. I like your comparison to the “Saw” series as well.


    • maria kriva says:

      Oh yes that’s true! I loved it, he is everywhere!His victims can NEVER catch a break – unless, of course, he allows it !
      Thank you! 🙂 I remember how much I loved Jigsaw, but somehow I ended up being fed up with the whole story after so many sequels. I hope Mick Taylor stays this awesome!


  3. thycriticman says:

    We’ve already discussed this film being awesome so I will talk about something you did not really in the review to make this comment interesting! HOW HILARIOUS WAS THIS? I did not expect to laugh out loud during this sort of flick but I did. Personally loved the singing parts!


    • maria kriva says:

      Hahaha it was really hilarious! The singing parts were so delightfully weird! And also I loved how the lead actor played so cool and really seemed to enjoy Mick’s company! That was so much fun, completely different from the first part!


  4. thycriticman says:

    It was actually so clever when you actually put thought into it! It made the lead one of the smartest victims that we have seen in quite some time. You know….instead of the boring, “HELP ME! OMG! HELP ME” type even though no one else is around!

    Critics complained that the torture scene was incredibly long. Is it weird that I enjoyed every second of it? CAN’T WAIT FOR PART 3. If it ever happens…


  5. thycriticman says:

    Did I just say actually twice in one sentence? That is actually so bad:( I am actually embarrassed by it! Please ignore it and pretend it never happened actually!


    • maria kriva says:

      Hahaha that was actually kind of funny, so I can’t actually ignore it! (I don’t think I should stretch it anymore, it’s going to start sounding lame 😀 )

      Yes I enjoyed that particular scene as well!! Mick’s look on his face was priceless! I didn’t quite get the ending, but who cares, it was so much fun!


      • thycriticman says:

        That is true haha! But damn you for pointing out my mistakes:)

        As for the ending, I think Corr was based on Paul Onions who survived one of the real life killers that Mick is based on. He may have let him go but not to go on living a good life.


  6. Maria we have to convince Jordan to get on board with this one – our pretty soon on disc here in Aus and can’t wait to see what he thinks of it. In other Australian horror film news you have to try catch the Babadook – a new little horror film from our parts that is creating quite a stir! Sense it being a real cult classic down the line.


    • maria kriva says:

      Oh I hope he likes it…no..loves it! It’s really fun and entertaining!Why, isn’t he excited to see it?
      Yes Babadook!!! I’ve seen the trailer and I was wondering whether it’s as eerie as it looks!


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