Wer (2013) – Review

Is it a bear? A wolf ? A man? What did actually slaughter the Porter family and terrorized the entire French community and eventually the whole Europe? The strange title might actually give you a clue to who’s hiding behind the ferocious killer in Wer.

Wer is a modern tale of a monster lurking in the woods at the outskirts of the French town Lyon, spreading horror and absolute disgust to those who witness its animosities. After the grotesque killing of a father and his 7-year-old son, the sole survivor of the deadly attack, the tragic and disfigured mother, speaks of an animal-like man who ripped the bodies of her beloveds into pieces.

The authorities go on an intense manhunt to track down the killer and all eyes turn on Talan Gwynek, a 7-foot-tall, hairy man who conveniently fits the suspect’s description.

The story, then, revolves around Katherine Moore (A.J. Cook), the killer’s attorney and passionate advocate of human rights. Kate is convinced that Talan is not the murderer and does her best to prove his innocence by trying to expose a conspiracy set up against the Gwynek family.

Meanwhile, it’s been a month after the violent and shocking death of the Porter family and the killer strikes again, leaving Kate and the entire police squad at his mercy. The bloodbath will be repeated, only this time the beast will meet his match; an equally strong and yet a bit more humane opponent.

Wer starts off as an intense splatter movie with gruesome killings and gore sights. The mutilated bodies of the victims and the threatening figure of the gigantic suspect form a blood-stained and ominous atmosphere. After Talan’s arrest, the movie turns into a law battle against the possibility of a dirty conspiracy, but soon the splatter comes back more entertaining and bloody than ever.

Director William Brent Bell manages to hide the identity of the killer well and chooses a quite surprising way to reveal who he is. After the beast becomes known, the full moon approaches and this lunar phenomenon will stir things up. That’s another clue.

Suspenseful and intense, Wer offers moments of enjoyable twists that guarantee the viewers’ attention. It successfully changes the feelings towards the main characters to completely opposite directions; from sympathy to antipathy and from annoyance to liking. The good performances by the lead characters mark another positive aspect and the hunt inside the dark, unsafe caves of the outback of Lyon creates a dangerous and macabre setting.

By watching Wer, you are signing up for a climactic horror movie, with lots of action and surprising moments. All these, accompanied by some charming French.

6 Responses to “Wer (2013) – Review”
  1. thycriticman says:

    I adore this movie! And from the looks of things…you did too! I got to give you credit on your horror movie taste! I have yet to ever disagree with a review of yours:)


    • maria kriva says:

      Yes! We do have the same horror movie taste, but to be honest you always give me great suggestions, I can’t ever disagree! 🙂 !I really enjoyed this one, especially the second half and the ending!!!! You kind of saw it coming, but still it was so fun!


  2. garylee828 says:

    I didn’t read this review after the first sentence; can’t risk spoilers b/c I haven’t seen it. Is this a really good one?


    • maria kriva says:

      If you are talking about the “bad guy”, I’m not revealing what/who he really is! I was extra careful, because (I’m not gonna lie) I was concerned that you’d scold me for spoiling the surprise! :))
      But, yes I think it is a good one! I haven’t figured out your taste yet, but I think you might enjoy it!


      • garylee828 says:

        I like movies that are well directed, written, paced and acted. I like movies that don’t feel like they’ve been done before. I like an intriguing concept and are very atmospheric. I like to wonder. I don’t want to get bored. I like mystery. Basically, I look for in a film what women do in a relationship.


      • maria kriva says:

        Oh well, good luck with that!!:)


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