Willow Creek (2013) – Review

If you mess with the Big, he’ll mess with you Big time. Let this found footage flick show you how it’s done. Willow Creek follows the story of Jim (Bryce Johnson) and Kelly (Alexie Gilmore), an adventurous young couple in their search for Bigfoot in the raw wilderness of Trinity National Forest. Located near the … Continue reading

Oculus (2014) – Review

There has been quite a fuss around Oculus, a suspenseful horror movie of the paranormal. Considering its particularly high score on IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes I assume that it has been welcomed by the fans of the genre and it has received favorable comments. But how come I don’t feel the same way? Oculus follows the … Continue reading

Blue Ruin (2013) – Review

This American thriller is solid proof that with no dialogues and sonorous words of evil, mystery, agony and suspense are achievable. With a slow-paced story that seems to make no sense at first, director Jeremy Saulnier manages to capture the viewers’ attention in a way that will culminate in an explosion of emotions. Blue Ruin … Continue reading

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