Patrick (2013) – Review

Continuing the glimpse into foreign productions, here’s Patrick, a horror-thriller from the land Down Under starring the talented Australian actress Sharni Vinson (also seen in You’re Next). The 1978 Patrick remake is here to give life once again to a vicious mental health patient with great telekinetic powers. Unfortunately, in this case, Vinson’s good performance … Continue reading

Animal (2014) – Review

Ready or not here’s another typical splatter movie that features all the horror clichés that we love to hate. Set in the ominous woods of Nowhereland, a group of friends, stereotypical college kids, find themselves lost after going on a hike. As the darkness falls, the already distressed 5-member group comes face to face with … Continue reading

Wake Wood (2010) – Review

When two parents are granted a chance to see their deceased daughter once again, things can go terribly wrong, not only because this is unnatural in every way, but also because bringing people back from the dead is hardly ever a joyous occasion. In Wake Wood, the story follows Patrick (Aidan Gillen) and Louise (Eva … Continue reading

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