When did Daniel Radcliffe become the face of horror?

The formerly little wizard who captured the hearts of fans worldwide seems to be making serious efforts into establishing his name in the horror genre. His delicate veneer was perfectly adapted to the bold and adventurous persona of Harry Potter, but apparently Daniel Radcliffe is adding a macabre flavor to his film cv.


Daniel Radcliffe haunted by the Woman in Black

While achieving an astonishing career as a young actor battling demonic apparitions and dark forces, we might say that Daniel Radcliffe has a really soft spot for horror.

His first endeavor in the horror genre, which also marked his debut after leaving the magical setting of Hogwarts, was James Watkins’ 2012 haunting horror flick The Woman in Black, where Radcliffe seemed to be adequate for the role of Arthur Kipps, a young lawyer haunted by an evil apparition. Even though it wasn’t his performance that stood out in the movie, but rather the excellent gloomy ambiance and eerie moors, the legendary Hammer Film Productions saw a good choice in him.

Frankly, after 11 years of being globally branded as Harry Potter it was a bit of a challenge – if not impossible – to value him as an actor of horror and see his face as something different from the lightning-scarred wizard.


Spooky atmosphere that didn’t really fool anyone

Only a year later, we had the opportunity to see him in the role of Ig Perrish in Alexandre Aja’s thriller Horns. This time Radcliffe found himself again in familiar territory swimming in the waters of the supernatural realm. However, Horns didn’t get the reactions it should have hoped for and that probably didn’t work well for Radcliffe’s establishment as the new face in horror.


Quite the Frankenstein monster

If these efforts weren’t enough, he’s currently working on  a fresh come back on the big screen breathing new life into a classic horror monster. If you felt iffy seeing him with horns, try picturing him as Igor, the grim creation of Victor Frankenstein. Paul McGuigan’s remake of Frankenstein will be out in October 2015 and two rather odd choices epitomize the feel of the movie. Daniel Radcliffe and James McAvoy co-star in Mary Shelley’s remake and they form a duo that, frankly, sparks a lot of interest.

I’m still not convinced whether his gentle and polite looks fit well in the genre, a genre where creepier is always better, but it seems that Radcliffe has an eager desire to stay and re-brand himself sidestepping his most successful role as Harry Potter; a role through which he may have shined, but can’t guarantee him a notable mention on the list of horror characters. What if he’s better suited for flicks like What If…just wondering what if.



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