VANish (2015) – Review

The murder of two middle-aged love birds during their saucy rendezvous, three hardcore low-lives, and a Mexican drug cartel kingpin are all pieces of the fun, gory and quite pleasing flick that is VANish. It’s a rather refreshing take on slasher horror that, luckily for us fans, refuses to base its premise on exhausting tropes.

Its twisting and twisted plot focuses on three amateur, but yet merciless thugs, who kidnap Emma Rodriguez (Maiara Walsh), the daughter of drug kingpin Carlos Rodriguez, hoping to score a hefty ransom. As they drive along in their van, crossing through the desert of the California landscape, they get to know their victim a little better, and soon they realize that Emma is a pretty tough woman, with her father’s murderous blood running through her veins.

Things start to go awry for the incompetent threesome, as a few obstacles interfere with their plans. Carlos’ hitmen, an absolutely awesome police officer – portrayed perfectly by Tony Todd, and Emma’s canning personality stand in the way of success and eventually, they turn against each other.

It all culminates in a fun and blood-drenched conclusion in the old van, featuring tools, machetes, and shotguns. So basically, it’s everything we are looking for in such a flick.

Of course, no one can overlook the most pleasing factor in VANish. The movie is anchored by the limited yet entertaining performance from Danny Trejo, the ruthless drug kingpin. We only get to see him around the end of the movie, but still these are the most gruesome moments of the entire flick.

Despite its average score on IMDb, Bryan Bockbrader’s action-horror is really atmospheric and well-thought. It’s short, fun, interesting, goofy at times, and features the anti-hero movie trope, which adds a rather intriguing flair to it. And certainly, Tony Todd and Danny Trejo are the two cherries on top.

And to quote Joe E. Brown in Some Like it Hot: Well, nobody’s perfect. Neither is VANish. 5/10


3 Responses to “VANish (2015) – Review”
  1. thycriticman says:

    Awesome to see you’re still around! This sounds incredibly fun!


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