When did Daniel Radcliffe become the face of horror?

The formerly little wizard who captured the hearts of fans worldwide seems to be making serious efforts into establishing his name in the horror genre. His delicate veneer was perfectly adapted to the bold and adventurous persona of Harry Potter, but apparently Daniel Radcliffe is adding a macabre flavor to his film cv. While achieving … Continue reading

Lights Out-A short film that proves horror is a two-minute matter

Who said that only 120-minute horror films can create a disturbing atmosphere and bring fear into our hearts? It’s not only expensive productions or big time movie scenes that can haunt your nights and construct unforgettable images of absolute terror. David Sandberg, a 32-year-old Swedish filmmaker managed to create a two-and-a-half minute video that successfully … Continue reading

Young killers – Three great examples of teenagers’ brutal instincts

What scares you most in a horror movie? Some would argue that, horror films featuring eerie and creepy ghosts are quite disturbing and could potentially make the viewers check their closet twice, once the lights are out. Others might suggest that blood-seeking serial killers can offer great moments of chills especially if their story is … Continue reading

How many horror movies feature THE WOODS?

“There was something in the woods, David… and I think it’s in here with us… now.”, says Jane Levy as Mia in the newest version of Evil Dead. In her words lies the concept behind every similar movie set in an evil haunted forest. It is one of the most common themes in the horror genre and … Continue reading

Flesh-eating Squirrels – It’s gone too far

Whoever said – including myself – that imagination and originality are being crashed and shredded into pieces by the avalanche of remakes and sequels was clearly wrong especially in the case of the upcoming horror film Squirrels. There is absolutely nothing misleading – other than me calling it horror film – about Squirrels. It is, as … Continue reading

Are film remakes and sequels crashing originality and becoming the new thing on the big screen?

Looking back at 2013 cinema-wise, two were the major hits that stood out and amazed critics and audiences. On one hand, Gravity, a film of original daring vision, provoked dithyrambic comments on its visual FX and the lead characters’ (George Clooney and Sandra Bullock) performances making it a favourite in this year’s Oscars. On the … Continue reading

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