Starry Eyes (2014) – Review

While fame comes with a deadly price, writers/directors Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer come with a horror flick that fills the niche of those who can’t stand to watch one more poorly executed and cliché-ridden production. The promising duo set their film in the vain and dark world of stardom, where the lead character Sarah (Alex … Continue reading

VANish (2015) – Review

The murder of two middle-aged love birds during their saucy rendezvous, three hardcore low-lives, and a Mexican drug cartel kingpin are all pieces of the fun, gory and quite pleasing flick that is VANish. It’s a rather refreshing take on slasher horror that, luckily for us fans, refuses to base its premise on exhausting tropes. … Continue reading

The Descent (2005) – Review

In this stifling splash movie, director Neil Marshall wanted “something that could get the women, something human, but not quite”. Human but not quite are indeed the flesh-eating humanoids that lurk in the dark and dangerous unmapped cave that the six heroines are unlucky enough to enter. One year after the tragic accident that killed … Continue reading

The three worst horror films you could possibly watch

When it comes to watching a film there is always the risk of wasting irreversibly your time. More specifically, when it comes to watching a horror film that risk increases like crazy. I have the marketing techniques to blame. You watch a suspenseful trailer, read a thrilling plot and see well-known actors star in those … Continue reading

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