The Possession of Michael King (2014) – Review

  David Jung’s found-footage paranormal horror is just another proof of how deeply infected the genre is by the “documentary” virus. The lead protagonist with the ridiculously alluring voice goes from absolute disbelief to total destruction, as his eerie project to summon the Devil goes out of control. Michael King (Shane Johnson) is a warm-blooded … Continue reading

Clown (2014) – Review

  Horror movies that feature evil clowns are naturally creepy and frankly nightmarish. There have been some quite memorable performances that have anchored the horror genre and it’s always tempting to see new versions of devilish clowns. Eli Roth’s Clown is one more attempt to showcase the bloody mayhem caused by such a hellish figure. … Continue reading

Deliver Us from Evil (2014) – Review

New York City has repeatedly been the setting of suspenseful thrillers and eerie horror featuring gruesome murders, horrific crimes, and hardcore cops. Deliver Us from Evil is an entertaining combination of all these; mixing demons with criminals, detectives with exorcists, and police interrogations with dramatic exorcisms. Have I said too much? Eric Bana is a very … Continue reading

Lights Out-A short film that proves horror is a two-minute matter

Who said that only 120-minute horror films can create a disturbing atmosphere and bring fear into our hearts? It’s not only expensive productions or big time movie scenes that can haunt your nights and construct unforgettable images of absolute terror. David Sandberg, a 32-year-old Swedish filmmaker managed to create a two-and-a-half minute video that successfully … Continue reading

“Evil Dead” : What if remakes set the bar higher than the originals?

“The Evil Dead” vs “Evil Dead“. The differences we are talking about are huge. The original was released in 1981 and the remake more than 30 years later. So, it is no wonder that the remake has nothing to do with the original. Just by using the word “original“, someone might immediately connect that with … Continue reading

The five scariest scenes : Ready or Not, here they come!

I have had my share of horror films and to be honest the times that I have genuinely been scared are extremely limited. It all comes down to the mood and the circumstances, of course. But, there is no better feeling than the chills caused by an originally scary horror film. Because , at the end … Continue reading

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