The Possession of Michael King (2014) – Review

  David Jung’s found-footage paranormal horror is just another proof of how deeply infected the genre is by the “documentary” virus. The lead protagonist with the ridiculously alluring voice goes from absolute disbelief to total destruction, as his eerie project to summon the Devil goes out of control. Michael King (Shane Johnson) is a warm-blooded … Continue reading

Dark Touch (2013) – Review

Annoying, frustrating and slightly stretched out, are the words to describe Dark Touch, a horror film that shows how mean and vengeful abused children can get when they are pushed to their limits. Resembling to The Orphan, which excelled at depicting the mayhem and bloody chaos that an evil young character brought to its new … Continue reading

Nothing Left to Fear (2013) – Review

Nothing Left to Fear has nothing left to offer to the horror genre, since its numerous clichés, the worn out plot and the unbelievably slow pace of the story neither foretell nor provide a suspenseful and enjoyable choice. It unravels the story of a spiritualist community withdrawn from the rest of the world, as it … Continue reading

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