VANish (2015) – Review

The murder of two middle-aged love birds during their saucy rendezvous, three hardcore low-lives, and a Mexican drug cartel kingpin are all pieces of the fun, gory and quite pleasing flick that is VANish. It’s a rather refreshing take on slasher horror that, luckily for us fans, refuses to base its premise on exhausting tropes. … Continue reading

The Babadook (2014) – Review

Australian horror has offered many great choices and this time it gives us The Babadook, another version of our beloved Boogeyman. Director Jennifer Kent has done a great job depicting the chaotic repercussions of letting the Babadook in and the catastrophic impact of such an encounter on an already traumatized and distressed mother. The story … Continue reading

Stoker (2013) – Review

Stoker, an absorbing psychological thriller, is the absolute break from all the splatter stories described lately on YourPopcorner. Prison Break‘s Wentworth Miller is surprisingly the writer of Stoker ‘s fascinating dramatic story that can easily ravish even the most cynical fans of gore – as myself. The story begins with a family tragedy as the … Continue reading

We Are What We Are – Review

We Are What We Are. A self-proclaimed horror film and a replica of the 2010 Mexican production Somos lo que hay. Don’t keep your hopes up, you won’t be frightened. However, it could be worth your time if you are looking for a dramatic story enriched with disgust. We Are What We Are is a dramatic … Continue reading

The Collector – Review

The Collector is a horror film for really tough stomachs. It is not suitable for people who: a. Want to be genuinely frightened b. Can’t stand splatter movies – aka can’t stand blood…lots of blood. Other than that, it is a movie that I would absolutely recommend. The Collector is about Arkin (Josh Stewart), a … Continue reading

Slasher vs Paranormal: Which sells best ?

Have you ever caught yourself being confused, when asked about your favorite horror movie? Saw , for instance, is a horror film, but so is Paranormal Activity. But is it alright to compare those two, as in which one was better? Probably, not. Even though they lie under the ‘Horror Film’ umbrella, they represent different … Continue reading

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