VANish (2015) – Review

The murder of two middle-aged love birds during their saucy rendezvous, three hardcore low-lives, and a Mexican drug cartel kingpin are all pieces of the fun, gory and quite pleasing flick that is VANish. It’s a rather refreshing take on slasher horror that, luckily for us fans, refuses to base its premise on exhausting tropes. … Continue reading

Blue Ruin (2013) – Review

This American thriller is solid proof that with no dialogues and sonorous words of evil, mystery, agony and suspense are achievable. With a slow-paced story that seems to make no sense at first, director Jeremy Saulnier manages to capture the viewers’ attention in a way that will culminate in an explosion of emotions. Blue Ruin … Continue reading

The Hidden Face (2011) – Review

Foreign thrillers are quite often astounding gems that can easily put Hollywood productions to shame. In the case of The Hidden Face, that’s a rather bold statement, however it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that it’s a Spanish production worthy of any positive critique. Mysterious and agonizing are two words that could perfectly describe … Continue reading

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