Se7en (1995) – Review

Another classic thriller, that is Se7en, must not be excluded from any movie fan’s list. And I’m talking about movie fans – not just horror fans – as Se7en is an excellent choice for everyone who claims to love good cinema, no matter the genre.

Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Spacey form an extraordinary trio and deliver moments of greatness as they each portray their characters in excellence.

William Somerset (Morgan Freeman), a veteran detective of the homicide department is called to investigate a strange death, only a week before his retirement. He finds a young detective by his side, rookie David Mills (Brad Pitt) who has just moved into the city with his wife and will take over his job when Somerset’s glorious days in the police force come to an end.

What seems to be a bizarre and disgusting case of murder, soon becomes the beginning of a serial killer’s gruesome plan.The finding of the tortured corpse of an obese man fed to death, sparks revulsion and a series of questions trouble Detective Somerset’s mind.

However, his temporary partner Mills doesn’t share the same worries until a second murder sets a bloody atmosphere in the rainy and ominous city setting . The body of a famous defense lawyer who bled to death triggers a more intense investigation, as two words “Greed” and “Gluttony” become pieces of a very macabre puzzle.

Mills and Somerset are caught up in a serial killer’s act, which aims to punish sinners according to the seven deadly sins. Meanwhile, Mills wife Tracy (Gwyneth Paltrow) tries desperately to adapt to their new life in the city, as her husband is never at home. Her sad and lonely figure plays a minor and yet important role in Se7en.

When the identity of the serial killer becomes known, the hunt for his arrest gets more intense and violent. The man who is responsible for this chaos, the tragic figure of an insane sociopath named John Doe (Kevin Spacey), is a nightmare for the two homicide detectives and his arrest becomes an obsession.

But even after his arrest, his wicked plan is still in force. Nothing ends until the final sinner finds his place in Hell.

Well-known director David Fincher clearly loves working with Brad Pitt (they have worked together in Fight Club and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) and that shows, as Se7en is a great showcase of Pitt’s talent staring in a crime thriller. Freeman’s excellent performance as Detective Somerset offers scenes of absolute chills and thrills; his magnificent voice and calm look are perfect for his character.

From the very beginning Se7en manages to capture the viewer’s strict attention. It’s a common policy in crime thrillers to start with an appalling murder, and in this case its works very well. As the story progresses and even more horrendous corpses make their appearance, the adrenaline levels rise dramatically reaching their peak moment at the very end, when the last murder completes the morbid series.

The outstanding performances and the captivating storyline make Se7en a dream for crime movie lovers. The surprising and ghastly ending, as well as the gory murder scenes make this film a great choice and an exemplary production of the 90’s horror.

16 Responses to “Se7en (1995) – Review”
  1. Marinos Politis says:

    It must be pretty hard to find decent 90’s horror diamonds, apart from the well-known this decade was pretty mild…


    • maria kriva says:

      It is really hard…but again, I think it’s even harder to find a decent horror movie now…especially crime thrillers are particularly limited…so it’s a nice break to remember the old ones 🙂


  2. thycriticman says:

    I actually watched this film in school….believe it or not. Maybe it was philosophy class, but I cannot pinpoint when and where! This was excellent from what I can remember and one of the few school played films that I did not use as nap time!


    • maria kriva says:

      Haha, it’s amazing that you watched it in school! It’s definitely not the kind of film to make you feel bored or sleepy! 😀
      I have to admit, I watched it quite recently, but I was amazed by its quality. I think it kind of reminded my of The Flock… or vice versa!


  3. Great review! As you said, this is such an excellent crime thriller!


  4. Great film, and of course, the ending – where Fincher didn’t resort to showing us what was in the box, because we already knew!


  5. chinahand11 says:

    Great review Maria! I saw this in the theater, it was the type of film that just sucked you in before you knew it. The scene with the box – I thought “oh no oh no” and my date put her hands over her eyes. Classic, Brad Pitt climbing the ladder and Morgan in his prime.


  6. I`ve seen this film long time ago. What a wonderful movie.


  7. alexraphael says:

    Great review. I love this film.


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