Lights Out-A short film that proves horror is a two-minute matter

Who said that only 120-minute horror films can create a disturbing atmosphere and bring fear into our hearts? It’s not only expensive productions or big time movie scenes that can haunt your nights and construct unforgettable images of absolute terror.

David Sandberg, a 32-year-old Swedish filmmaker managed to create a two-and-a-half minute video that successfully represents everything that a good horror film features.

Within 160 seconds, Lights Out depicts how important it is to keep you lights on when you go to bed. Opposing to the general belief that lights help us see things, Sandberg proves that this is not always the case.

Darkness unleashes eerie, terrifying demons who live inside your house and silently stare at you, so you’d better keep those lights on, if you want to make them go away; or at least make them less visible to you.

Extremely entertaining and suspenseful, this two-minute video is absolutely perfect for a good – and quick – scare; no time-consuming plots, far-stretched scenes and exaggerating characters. It is a great proof that imagination, swiftness and cutting to the chase is what a good horror film needs. A house, a victim, a demon and a light switch can do miracles.

Just sit back and allow this excellent clip to give you delightful chills.



7 Responses to “Lights Out-A short film that proves horror is a two-minute matter”
  1. Far Out! I actually had shivers watching this! So good!


  2. I’d say the silhouette and audio at 0:34!! Been showing this to heaps of people ha.


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