Sleep Tight (2011) – Review

When misery, despair and perversion take over it is only a matter of a few days to destroy someone’s life. In the case of Sleep Tight, it took only a few weeks for lead character Cesar to satisfy his obsessions and make his victim’s life a nightmare. Luis Tosar is excellent in portraying the tragic … Continue reading

Afflicted (2013) – Review

With Afflicted you get a found footage horror film that breaks all the clich├ęs and smoothly combines vampires with zombies, Canada with Europe, physical and mental decay with exhausting immortality. Best friends Derek (Derek Lee) and Cliff (Clif Prowse) set off for a trip that will change their lives forever. After Derek is diagnosed with … Continue reading

Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones (2014) – Review

Another addition to the Paranormal Activity series is Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones. It deceitfully leads you to believe that it has nothing to do with the paranormal activity quadrilogy, as the story revolves around three curious and carefree high school graduates, who play detectives when a crazy neighbor gets murdered. Jesse’s ( Andrew Jacobs … Continue reading

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