Creep (2004) – Review

Do you fancy a tour of London’s Underground network? Creep is a perfect way to familiarize yourselves with the famous tube, but in this case, it’s going to be a bloody and lonely ride! When the platforms lock down and the busy tube stations empty, there is only one creature lurking in the underground’s old … Continue reading

Lights Out-A short film that proves horror is a two-minute matter

Who said that only 120-minute horror films can create a disturbing atmosphere and bring fear into our hearts? It’s not only expensive productions or big time movie scenes that can haunt your nights and construct unforgettable images of absolute terror. David Sandberg, a 32-year-old Swedish filmmaker managed to create a two-and-a-half minute video that successfully … Continue reading

Young killers – Three great examples of teenagers’ brutal instincts

What scares you most in a horror movie? Some would argue that, horror films featuring eerie and creepy ghosts are quite disturbing and could potentially make the viewers check their closet twice, once the lights are out. Others might suggest that blood-seeking serial killers can offer great moments of chills especially if their story is … Continue reading

Se7en (1995) – Review

Another classic thriller, that is Se7en, must not be excluded from any movie fan’s list. And I’m talking about movie fans – not just horror fans – as┬áSe7en is an excellent choice for everyone who claims to love good cinema, no matter the genre. Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Spacey form an extraordinary trio … Continue reading

The Fourth Kind (2009) – Review

The Fourth Kind is probably one of my favorite horror films, although it has a relatively average score on Imdb and it does not follow the usual pattern of a typical alien horror movie. However, it is absolutely worth a try, since its interesting structure and disturbing footage can stick to your memory and – … Continue reading

Urban Legend (1998) – Review

Urban Legend…contemporary folklore passed on as a true story. With a blast from the past, the 90’s horror comes back into life, just like urban legends do. A horror flick from the 90’s featuring a group of rampaging college students trying to get away from a serial killer is always a fun and entertaining way … Continue reading

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