Nothing Left to Fear (2013) – Review

Nothing Left to Fear has nothing left to offer to the horror genre, since its numerous clichés, the worn out plot and the unbelievably slow pace of the story neither foretell nor provide a suspenseful and enjoyable choice. It unravels the story of a spiritualist community withdrawn from the rest of the world, as it … Continue reading

Stevie (2008) – Review

Stevie is another version of a psychological horror film which features a malicious imaginary friend of a newly adopted young girl. Director Bryan Goeres, using every cliché in his disposal, tries to create a frightening and intense atmosphere and in a way he succeeds. However, he is not able to deliver a genuine outcome despite … Continue reading

Dead Silence (2007) – Review

Dead Silence can be everything a horror movie fan is looking for. It offers agonizing atmosphere, eerie setting, twists in the plot, lots of haunting scenes, possessed ventriloquist dummies and a dash of gore to please the fans’ inner gruesome instincts. Director James Wan, known for Saw and the latest hit The Conjuring, has obviously … Continue reading

The Black Water Vampire (2014) – Review

It’s probably the latest Blair Witch Project‘s counterpart. The Black Water Vampire is Evan Tramel’s horror film based on found footage and wild chasing scenes in the woods. The plot is quite familiar, so fans would not be particularly surprised nor taken aback. Danielle (Danielle Lozeau) is a filmmaker who has a lifetime dream to … Continue reading

Sinister (2012) – Review

After the mediocre The Purge and the bad Daybreakers, Ethan Hawke, who seems to have an affinity for horror movies, stars in the eerie movie of 2012, Sinister. Sinister is distinguished for its spooky atmosphere, splatter scenes, horrific demonic presences and a noteworthy twist in the ending. On the whole, it has a bunch of … Continue reading

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