The Colony (2013) – Review

When the future Ice Age has destroyed the entire planet forcing the human kind into extinction, the few survivors left have to deal with a serious and blood-thirsty threat. Will they make it, or will their inner animal instincts for survival drive them to tear each other apart? The Colony depicts a world frozen by … Continue reading

The Quiet Ones (2014) – Review

Here’s another angle on horror films of the paranormal realm. There is the schizophrenic – probably possessed – young woman, there is the overly ambitious experiment of a desperate professor of abnormal psychology whatever that is and there is a hard working crew, the professor’s little helpers who will assist him with the experiment and … Continue reading

Cheap Thrills (2013) – Review

What does it take to become from a caring family man a merciless animal? Apparently, it’s only a matter of money. In Cheap Thrills, you get to experience a bizarre night, when the reunion of two old school friends gets twisted and culminates in the most sinister and gruesome night of their life. The story … Continue reading

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