VANish (2015) – Review

The murder of two middle-aged love birds during their saucy rendezvous, three hardcore low-lives, and a Mexican drug cartel kingpin are all pieces of the fun, gory and quite pleasing flick that is VANish. It’s a rather refreshing take on slasher horror that, luckily for us fans, refuses to base its premise on exhausting tropes. … Continue reading

The Possession of Michael King (2014) – Review

  David Jung’s found-footage paranormal horror is just another proof of how deeply infected the genre is by the “documentary” virus. The lead protagonist with the ridiculously alluring voice goes from absolute disbelief to total destruction, as his eerie project to summon the Devil goes out of control. Michael King (Shane Johnson) is a warm-blooded … Continue reading

Come Back to Me (2014) – Review

  ”Am I dead?”, asks the lead actress in distress, while staring at a laptop screen watching someone slitting her throat. It’s a scene that blends both tragic and comic aspects, and frankly summarizes the entire movie, with its creepy ambiance and confusing plot. Based on Wrath James White’s novel The Resurrectionist, Paul Leyden’s film … Continue reading

Clown (2014) – Review

  Horror movies that feature evil clowns are naturally creepy and frankly nightmarish. There have been some quite memorable performances that have anchored the horror genre and it’s always tempting to see new versions of devilish clowns. Eli Roth’s Clown is one more attempt to showcase the bloody mayhem caused by such a hellish figure. … Continue reading

The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death (2014) – Review

  After Daniel Radcliffe’s mesmerizing performance in The Woman in Black, the franchise’s sequel, Angel of Death, aims to please the audience without having the dashing celebrity do his magic. Using the same gloomy cinematography and eerie concept, Hammer Films offers the newest version of the haunting in Eel Marsh House, only this time, Tom … Continue reading

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